The Government limits the air conditioning of large surfaces and transport to 27 degrees and heating to 19

The Government limits the air conditioning of large surfaces and transport to 27 degrees and heating to 19

The package of urgent measures for efficiency and energy saving that, according to announced this Friday the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will be approved in the Council of Ministers on Monday, it will establish that large surfaces and public transport cannot lower the air conditioning of 27 degrees Celsius, as well as that the heating of these centers cannot be above 19 degrees. The measure has been advanced by The Spanish and later confirmed to by government sources.

The Government calculates that it has implemented 98% of its 1,494 commitments and considers more than half fulfilled

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During his appearance this Friday, called to take stock of the political course, Sánchez had not wanted to detail what would be the proposals that will contain the aforementioned package, but he had assured that "they have been discussed" with the private sector and that others have been informed public administrations and parliamentary groups. “It will go in line with other countries”, the president has asserted: “What we will do is reduce our bill”. “You only have to walk through a shopping center to see that the temperature is too low”, he has put precisely as an example.

As this newspaper has been able to learn, the decree will also include the obligation to review the heating boilers and to install posters with advice to save energy. And, regarding lighting, the decree that spoke for public buildings of adjustments in the schedules and intensity of the exterior lighting of the buildings is adapted. In addition, in areas that must remain illuminated for security reasons, a reduction in lighting levels will be studied.

Sánchez has also assured that he will propose to the European Commission a reform of the energy market that involves decoupling the price of gas with which electricity is produced and the establishment of a cap on the price of CO2 emissions. That will be the plan that the Spanish president will take to Brussels after having accepted the obligation to cut gas consumptionwhich was an initiative with which Spain was against given its specificities. The president took advantage of the balance press conference to also announce a decree law to reinforce the fight against fires.

Dressed in a suit without a tie, like all the members of his team who accompanied him in Moncloa, the president made a reference at the end of his speech and requested that whenever possible, men do not use it as an energy saving measure . "I'm not wearing a tie. This means that we can all also save from an energy point of view and I have asked the ministers and ministers, and I would also like all public officials and the private sector, if they have not yet done so, that when it is not necessary, that do not wear a tie, because that way we will also be dealing with energy savings”.

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