September 19, 2020

The Government legalizes dozens of irregular Imserso contracts signed under the PP mandate

The Council of Ministers of this Tuesday will regularize 39 administrative files processed irregularly by Imserso during the first half of 2018, when the management corresponded to the Government of Mariano Rajoy. The contracts total 2.5 million euros and violate the Public Sector Contracts Law, so the supplier companies have not yet been able to collect the services provided. To allow the work actually carried out to be paid, the Executive will agree on the validation of the contracts that omitted the process of the intervening function, as reported by sources from the Secretary of State for Social Rights.

Luis Barriga, director of the Imserso: "We will see in the future to what extent the cuts have contributed to having a worse prepared system for this coup"

Luis Barriga, director of Imserso: “We will see in the future to what extent the cuts have contributed to having a system that is worse prepared for this coup”

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The files that the coalition government will regulate on Tuesday are part of a broader set of irregular contracts totaling 24 million euros and that, according to an internal report by Imserso, were contracted irregularly during the administration of Carmen Balfagón. The change in Moncloa in June 2018 in turn led to a replacement at the head of the body. The new manager named by the PSOE, Manuel Martínez Domene, began the review of administrative contracts and detected irregularities.

Last November, still with the government alone of the PSOE, the Imserso produced a report that recognized that the chaos in hiring that, according to the same sources, has forced it to resort to an extraordinary procedure to regularize the payment of 24 million euros in the Council of Ministers. The one on Tuesday is the first round.

With the coalition government, the Imserso fell to the social vice-presidency of Pablo Iglesias. The new director of the organization, Luis Alberto Barriga Martín, has continued the audit work.

The magnifying glass on the Imserso is not limited to these contracts. The Court of Accounts has been open since 2019 an investigation that would be close to its end, according to government sources. Also the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office conducts investigations to verify what happened in the agency and has carried out various procedures, such as taking statements from ministry personnel. Among other issues, the outsourcing during the Government of the PP of Imserso servers is investigated with data of a million dependents.

From Social Services lament that “while the Dependency system suffered harsh cuts at the hands of Rajoy, the management of the PP in the Imserso had irregularities that point to the possible commission of crimes” whose clarification is in the hands of the Court Accounts and Anticorruption, with whom they will cooperate “to purge all responsibilities”.

The Secretary of State for Social Rights already requested the Services Inspection at the beginning of the year to initiate the corresponding inspection. The department headed by Nacho Álvarez points out that “this is precisely the time to promote a change in the Imserso that allows a new boost to the Dependency services in Spain.”


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