The Government justifies the outdoor mask due to the drop in use

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, the Government has formally transferred the mandatory nature of outdoor masks into law with an extraordinary Council of Ministers. In the subsequent press conference, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has come up against criticism for the measure, justifying that it is taken because a "lesser use" has been found in certain circumstances, such as being "with friends". in the latest COSMOSpain survey. Darias also insists that "the use was not being adequate in the crowds", despite the fact that it was already mandatory to keep the mask outdoors if there was no distance

Sánchez will impose the mandatory mask outdoors

Sánchez will impose the mandatory mask outdoors

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The royal decree that will be published this Friday in the Official State Gazette modifies article 6 of the well-known new normal law, approved at the end of March 2020, and that had already been retouched in June of this year to relax the mask in exteriors.

The new wording, in addition to backing down to reimpose it, includes the caveats that the Prime Minister has already advanced. It will not have to be used while individual sports are practiced and in natural spaces, such as the field or the beach "as long as a distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained". Unless the people gathered are living together. In the nuclei of the towns it is also mandatory, Darias replied, recalling that indoor use is still in force, as it has been up to now. People who do not comply with the norm will be sanctioned with a fine of 100 euros. That doesn't change either.

Aware that the measure has not been well received either by epidemiologists -who consider it ineffective- or by some political parties Government partners, the head of Health ensures that it is "endorsed by scientists in various countries such as Germany and the United States" and by "the practical unanimity" of the regional presidents. Also that it is suitable for the "greater expansion" of the new omicron variant.

On the willingness of the communities to take more or less restrictions within their powers -with Catalonia at one end and Madrid at the other-, Darias has avoided pronouncing himself: he has appealed that each reality is "different" and has insisted on "culture of care ".

Sanitary reinforcements, approved for one year

The reinforcements of human resources to face the sixth wave, already advanced by the Chief Executive at the Conference of Presidents, have been approved as "extraordinary and transitory measures for 12 months." At this time, as explained by Darias, the autonomous communities will be able to hire retired professionals and people with degrees obtained outside the European Union to appease the saturation of Primary Care, which the Government admits as a problem. "The omicron variant is more transmissible but has symptoms, so efforts are focused on helping to continue strengthening the backbone of the system, Primary Care", he pointed out.

Other novelties is that the Government will be able to take measures regarding the relationship or hardening of the use of masks without the need to subsequently go through Congress, as has happened until now. The decree law approved by the Council of Ministers includes a modification that enables the Government to make these decisions through a royal decree and not through a decree law. The difference is that the second also comes into force as published -in this case in the BOE-, but requires subsequent validation in Parliament and the first is only a resolution of the Council of Ministers.


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