The Government is willing to be transparent, not to withdraw from the media

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has assured that the Government has “a desire for transparency” and not to shy away from being asked by the media because, as he has argued, circumstances make it advisable for him to address the public to tell how the epidemic evolves.

This is the opinion that Illa has shown on two occasions during her weekly appearance in the Health commission of the Congress of Deputies, where she referred to the controversy over how Moncloa manages the questions of journalists, who pass through the filter of the secretary of Communication Status, Ángel Oliver, before being formulated, which has caused the professionals to complain.

“At no time,” he said, “there is no will and there is a willingness to adjust the formats to what is most convenient for everyone, always guaranteeing the distancing measures to be preserved, and for people to ask and answer that. that we can answer, telling him the truth “

The Minister of Health has also said that the Executive does not shy away from being controlled by political groups, either, and has apologized for having had “a touch of arrogance”, although he considers not.

“With the opposition, outstretched hand, but now you have to make decisions,” the minister has warned, and “sometimes with little time” – he added, and that attitude hopes that it is not taken as arrogance.

Neither does it have it with the opposition, nor with society, nor with businessmen, he said, to whom he has recognized his solidarity effort.


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