The Government is profiled due to the lack of explanations from the Royal House after the visit of the emeritus king

The Government shows deep discomfort with Juan Carlos I for his attitude during his visit to Spain and considers that he must explain his financial scandals, but it takes a profile in the absence of explanations from the Royal House before the meeting he held the king emeritus with Felipe VI this Monday and that lasted for several hours. “The King's House itself described this meeting as private. It is the House that has to assess whether they give more or less information”, the spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, responded to the question about whether Zarzuela should give details about the content of the conversations for the sake of transparency and referred to the “skill” of journalists to get them.

Fifty people surround the emeritus on his return to Zarzuela: "We all make mistakes"

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The statement from the Royal House is settled without a single reproach to Juan Carlos de Borbón. "HM the King and Don Juan Carlos have had a long conversation about family issues as well as about different events and their consequences in Spanish society since the King's father decided to move to Abu Dhabi on August 3, 2020", he limited himself to collecting the note released by Zarzuela after 9:00 p.m. on Monday, when the emeritus had set course again for the United Arab Emirates.

In that note, Zarzuela leaves the door open for Juan Carlos de Borbón to return to settle definitively in Spain, although he would always do so outside the State Heritage facilities. The spokeswoman has dodged the question about what do you think that the former head of state flies permanently.

What the spokeswoman has made clear is the discomfort with the emeritus, who mocked the explanations that Pedro Sánchez demands, and has reiterated that he lost an "opportunity" to be held accountable. "It has been verified that the king emeritus had unexemplary conduct," she said.

Despite this situation, the Government does not intend to urge the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) to include the monarchy again in its assessment questions, which has been out of the barometers for years. "The Government does not tell the CIS what it has to ask," replied Rodríguez, who said that the sociological center has "magnificent professionals."

But he has taken the opportunity to "claim the state model" as a parliamentary monarchy. "We want to recognize the task and the work that it is carrying out and value the Government's line of work," he explained about the decree in which he reformulated the operation of the Royal House, although the transparency exercise was halfway done.

Moncloa tries to turn the page on the visit of the emeritus, who maintains that the Spaniards are not really interested. "The priority of the Government is in other very very important issues such as those that we have approved today", said the spokeswoman about the PERTE of microchips that will involve a public investment of 12,000 million euros or the largest public offer of employment in history. “They not only look to tomorrow but to the day after tomorrow. They look not only at our children but grandchildren [ha expresado]. That is the desire of the Government, which in some cases transcends current information and is what we are dedicating our efforts to.”

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