Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

The Government is finalizing the date to exhume Franco: "Everything prepared"

"Everything is ready," they confirm in Moncloa. The vice president of government, Carmen Calvo, presided yesterday the weekly meeting of the general commission of secretaries of state and undersecretaries to outline the issues that will be presented tomorrow for approval to the Minister council, among which the definitive closing of the administrative file was put back on the table with the definitive transfer of remains of Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen until the Mingorubian Cemetery, in The brown.

The Council of Ministers of tomorrow, therefore, could already date the operation of exhumation and reinhumation of the dictator. All that remains is for the Supreme Court (TS) to resolve, probably today, the precautionary suspension imposed on the last three appeals filed by the Benedictine community of the Valley of the Fallen, the association for its defense and the Franco Foundation.

"It's a matter of days," says Sanchez after the endorsement of the Supreme and with the approval yesterday reiterated the Vatican

The final decision to activate the operation, in any case, corresponds to Pedro Sánchez, who if until now only hoped to be able to carry out the transfer before the start of the 10-N electoral campaign, in order to fulfill his commitment although with more than a year late, yesterday confirmed that it will be "a matter of days."

In the Moncloa they warned yesterday that after the ruling of the TS that endorsed the exhumation and the transfer of the remains of Franco according to the agreement of the Council of Ministers of March, and with the clarifications made yesterday by the same court to the grandchildren of the dictator, before the opposition of the prior of the basilica of the Valley of the Fallen, Santiago Cantera, and of the judge José Yusy – "the sentence is clear" -, it is "all the way cleared". Only missing, pending what is resolved today by the TS, date the transfer. With the assistance of the family of the dictator if he wishes, with discretion and respect, and without "riding a circus", as always defended by the Government.

To the last opposition of the prior of the basilica, transmitted by letter to Calvo, the Vatican responded again yesterday, reiterating that “it does not oppose Franco's exhumation if the competent authorities so decide,” reports Anna Buj. It is the same thing that Calvo has been told for a long time, through Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See.

Some Moncloa cadres doubt that the operation may have electoral effects before 10-N, but territorial leaders of the PSOE believe, however, that Franco's exhumation "will be a mobilizing element for the entire left" before the appointment with the urns

Sanchez, in any case, brings it out in all his meetings. Last night also in Barcelona, ​​where the leader of the PSOE assured between great applause that "exhuming the dictator and ending his mausoleum will magnify the already great Spanish democracy."

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