July 23, 2021

The Government is committed to maintaining the purchasing power of pensions

The Government is committed to maintaining the purchasing power of pensions

The Government is committed today to maintain the purchasing power and financial sufficiency of the pension system in a day marked by the mobilizations of thousands of retirees and pensioners throughout Spain on the International Day of the Elderly.

The Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio, met today in Bilbao with a representation of the pensioners of Bizkaia, one of the most demanding groups, which require a minimum pension of 1,080 euros per month and a minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) of 1,200 euros

The minister reiterated that the Government can not promise a raise that will not be able to meet and stressed that the Executive is "busy" in achieving, through the Toledo Pact and the Social Dialogue Table, a "sustainable" pension system socially and financially. "

Convened by CCOO and UGT, several hundred pensioners have toured the streets of the center of Madrid today to deliver a document in the Congress of Deputies in which they ask that the principle of agreement reached last week in the Parliamentary Pact Commission be materialized of Toledo that bets to index the pensions to the IPC.

When shouting "More pensions, less thieves", they have also requested that social services, health care and dependency assistance be increased.

Carrying the banner of the head, which said "Pensions worthy now!", Went the Secretary of Public Policies and Social Protection of CCOO, Carlos Bravo, and the confederal secretary of UGT, Adela Carrió, among other representatives.

The unions have urged the minister to also advance the tripartite negotiations at the social dialogue table on pensions, addressing the income of the system with measures on people whose contributions are lower than their income.

This has been requested by Bravo, who specifically proposes to act on the maximum and minimum bases and on the types of contributions to Social Security, that is, those to which the maximum contribution base is applied, the workers of the self-employed regime or the employees of the home.

Another demonstration is also planned this afternoon in Madrid, organized by the State Coordination in Defense of Pensions, while in other capitals the calls for unions and other associations have coexisted.

In Bilbao, pensioners have agreed to continue with their weekly mobilizations after the dissatisfaction with the meeting with the minister, whose result has caused whistles and shouts of "outside" among the thousands of protesters who have claimed a minimum pension of 1,080 euros, a requirement that It has been repeated at the Pamplona demonstration.

The largest protest in Andalusia has taken place in Seville, where it has been claimed that pensions will revalue according to the CPI, as in the demonstrations in Castilla y León.

The demonstrators of Valencia have cut for more than an hour a section of the Colón street, main artery of the city, while claiming a state pact that guarantees "the pensions of the future".

In Palma, dozens of pensioners have demanded that the government repeal the PP reform of 2013 after a banner reading "Defending pensions is everyone's business" and in Logroño they have concentrated on the theme "We demand the revaluation of pensions".

In the concentrations of Castilla-La Mancha has also called attention to lower pensions, while in Santander it has been emphasized that just over one in five pensioners in the region does not reach 710 euros per month.

In Catalonia the unions opted to advance the day of protest to last Friday to avoid coinciding with the first anniversary of the referendum on October 1, while tomorrow and past there will be demonstrations in Aragon, Extremadura, Galicia and Asturias.


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