The Government intensifies activity with two weekly councils of ministers in December

The Government intensifies the agenda between now and the end of the year and will hold two weekly councils of ministers in December. Pedro Sánchez’s priority is economic recovery and fulfilling the commitments made with Brussels within the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Plan. Instead of bringing together all the issues in the five ordinary cabinet meetings that remain in 2021, Moncloa has chosen to duplicate them – they will be on Tuesdays and Fridays – which also reinforces the media presence.

The Government delays the Memory Law that confronts ERC to give priority to pensions and labor reform

The Government delays the Memory Law that confronts ERC to give priority to pensions and labor reform

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“The President of the Government has given instructions to accelerate the activity of the Executive and thus consolidate the economic recovery,” government sources reported early Monday. This Tuesday the first bill for the creation and growth of companies is approved, coinciding with the week in which Moncloa expects good employment data and Social Security affiliation after a month of October that registered historical data with 160,000 more workers and an unprecedented decrease in unemployment.

Government wants to prioritize all economic measures linked to the “fair economic recovery” and, many of them, agreed with the European Commission, such as the labor reform, which is in full negotiation of social dialogue. Although the intention of the vice presidents Yolanda Díaz and Nadia Calviño was to have an agreement in the month of November, in Moncloa they were aware that they would have to speed up the deadlines as much as possible and even approve a decree law with the modifications before the end of the year, but that Congress validates it in January 2022. Another issue for which the timer is activated is for the Audiovisual Law, which the Executive had to delay due to the lack of understanding with the partners and which finally agreed with ERC within the framework of budget negotiation.

The Government also accelerates to increase the compliance acquired at the end of August in the revision of the Annual Regulatory Plan by which it promised to approve 144 measures – six organic laws, 28 laws and 110 royal decrees-.

Some of the commitments have already reached Parliament and are in full parliamentary process, which sometimes takes months. This week the Congress will give the green light to the pension reform -which is another of the priority issues in the agreements with Brussels- and the food chain law one year later of its referral to the Cortes Generales. With this standard, in addition to adapting the legislation to the European directive on the matter, it is intended to put an end to abusive commercial practices.

The final approval of the bill coincides with a new wave of protests from farmers, especially over the price of milk. The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has summoned the organizations of the sector this Monday to address the situation.


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