November 27, 2020

The Government intends to raise the salary of public employees by 0.9% in 2021

The Executive of Pedro Sánchez intends to raise the salary of public employees by 0.9% in 2021, according to has advanced the Chain Ser and Government sources have confirmed This is the same increase that will apply to pensions and that corresponds to the forecast of the GDP deflator, the indicator closest to the CPI for next year. In addition, the Council of Ministers will approve tomorrow Tuesday the Public Offer of Employment for this 2020, with a total of “28,055 places”, inform this medium in Public Function.

Ministry sources led by Carolina Darias explain that the 0.9% wage increase, which will be raised by the Public Service to the unions this afternoon, aims to “recognize the commitment of public employees during this pandemic” and their “ability to guarantee public services “in these times of emergency and special need.

The most representative unions of public employees – CCOO, UGT and CSIF – sent last week a letter to Minister Darias urging her to immediately negotiate the salary increase for next year, as well as other issues on employment in the Administration, such as the creation of positions and the reduction of temporary employment, among others.

The news about the salary increase that the Government intends to apply to public employees comes a few hours before the meeting with the workers’ representatives begins, at 5.30 pm this afternoon. Given that the Council of Ministers of Pedro Sánchez approves tomorrow Tuesday the General State Budgets of 2021, which will collect the increase in remuneration of public personnel, from the unions they expressed to their discomfort over the limited negotiation margin on the measure.


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