The Government intends to double the weight of renewables until 2030 | Economy

The Government intends to double the weight of renewables until 2030 | Economy

The Government proposes that Spain install 50,000 new megawatts (MW) of renewable origin between the current date and 2030. This represents the average annual execution of 5,000 MW and requires the complicity of the business sector to achieve the goal of 35% renewable of the final energy, which is twice the current energy, according to the Secretary of State for Energy, José Domínguez Abascal, announced on Thursday at the inauguration of the Congress of the Association of Renewable Companies (APPA) 2018.

For his part, the president of APPA Renovables, José Miguel Villarig, said that the high energy dependence of Spain must "not only be a challenge, but also an opportunity" to take advantage of the country's renewable resources. In that sense, it calls for a clear and defined strategy without excluding any technology, reasonable taxation and consensus and less improvisation to have stable regulatory frameworks.

The "road map" will be included in the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan that Spain will send to Brussels before the end of this year and where "the country's path will be defined by 2030, thus trying to avoid improvisation", of which the sector accuses the Administration.

The aforementioned program will also include the objectives of reaching between five and four million electric vehicles in 2030 and the energy rehabilitation of some 100,000 homes per year. Dominguez added that this obliges "a grand plan hand in hand with the Ministries of Development and Industry." Likewise, he informed that before the end of 2018 the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition will be sent to the Congress of Deputies.

For Dominguez, this challenge represents an opportunity for Spain, which "is in the first row for the first time in history" of a major project such as the energy transition. In his opinion, Spain has highly qualified professionals to develop any renewable technology technology. He also stressed that the socialist government has a vision "well defined, well structured and we understand that the opportunity of energy transition is an opportunity for business development, technology and job creation."


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