The Government insists that the emeritus should give explanations and leaves his hands and those of Felipe VI on his return

The Government insists that the king emeritus should give explanations about his actions despite the fact that the Prosecutor's Office has decided file investigations about your finances because the facts have prescribed, they were committed when it was inviolable or has regularized them before Treasury. The coalition spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, has avoided speaking on TVE about what she thinks of the shelving of the public ministry beyond showing "respect" for her actions and her "autonomy".

The new regulation of the Crown remains in a drawer while the Prosecutor's Office clears the way for the king emeritus

The new regulation of the Crown remains in a drawer while the Prosecutor's Office clears the way for the king emeritus

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"These are facts that we do not like," Rodríguez pointed out in any case in the line that Pedro Sánchez marked months ago, who spoke of "disturbing" news about the scandals of Juan Carlos I and stated that he would have to be accountable to the Spaniards , although the socialists reject that there is an investigation commission in Congress. "They would require an explanation from the king emeritus," Rodríguez reiterated.

The archive of the investigations of the Prosecutor's Office also paves the way for the return of the former head of state to Spain from Abu Dhabi, where he has been since August 2020, when he left the country with the argument of not harming Felipe VI. Juan Carlos de Borbón has been sending messages periodically for months about his desire to return and the return uncomfortable both in Zarzuela and in Moncloa.

However, the Government leaves in the hands of the emeritus and the current monarch the decision on his return, as well as the conditions in which they would occur. in the executive there are doubts that it can be installed again, for example, in Zarzuela or other National Heritage facilities.

Rodríguez has responded that any "circumstance" regarding his return to Spain remains in the hands of Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI. "It is the current Royal House that must position itself in this regard. It is with whom we have a relationship," answered the minister who has stated that it is "in the private sphere" of the king and his father to decide the conditions of his return .

The spokeswoman was the first to speak out after the formal step taken by Alberto Núñez Feijóo to lead the PP and recalled that the Government "has always shown itself to be respectful of the internal processes of the main opposition party." "It's good that he took the step yesterday, I heard him talk about the stability of our country, which is something the Prime Minister has been insisting on, and talk about centrality," said Rodríguez, who took the opportunity to put pressure on what is likely to be the new president of the PP to show moderation by imposing a cordon sanitaire on Vox that begins in Castilla y León: "It would be good if Mr. Feijóo marked a different line preventing the possibility of reaching an agreement with the extreme right".

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