The Government increases aid to those affected by rapeseed oil

The Government increases aid to those affected by rapeseed oil

An increase in aid and an official statement of support. The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday an institutional declaration of support and recognition for those affected by the toxic oil syndrome, poisoned by adulterated rapeseed oil in the early 1980s. In addition, the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, has advanced the signing of a Ministerial Order with an increase in aid to the group.

Gertrudis de la Fuente, the biochemist who investigated the rapeseed oil case

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José Luis Escrivá explained that the order extends the protective action of Social Security to households receiving aid "with 40% more aid". In addition, the minister added that home help will be extended "up to four times more than the current level".

The rapeseed oil is the largest food poisoning in the recent history of Spain. On April 27, 1981, the first person died of what became known as toxic syndrome, which affected more than 25,000 and caused around 300 deaths. This last figure is the one that appears as official, but the reported deaths exceed 800 and other estimates rise to 3,000 deaths, reported here David Noriega about a poisoning victims protest last year when it was 40 years since the tragedy.

In the absence of the publication of the ministerial order in the BOE, the Ministry of Social Security has announced that the table of minimum monthly income guaranteed to households that receive "complementary family financial aid" is modified. The rise represents an increase "by 0.75% in the index in each section of the scale set according to the number of members of the family unit and referenced to the public indicator of multiple effects income (IPREM)", indicates the Social Security, which summarizes the increase in aid "around 40%".

As for home help, "its maximum limit is increased to twice the IPREM". In this way, the previous limit was located at "300 euros/month", indicates the Ministry, and the new limit will be set at "1,158 euros/month". “Nearly four times more”, they highlight.

The declaration proclaims that the Government wants this syndrome "not to be forgotten by the institutions or by society" and undertakes to "continue accompanying and helping all the people affected", underlines the department headed by José Luis Escrivá.

It also states that "the evolution of the protective action granted to this group, the extensive jurisprudence issued and the time that has elapsed make it necessary to update the amounts of these aids."

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