January 27, 2021

The Government imposes that workers register daily

The Government imposes that workers register daily

The agenda of the so-called "social fridays" contemplates that the Council of Ministers approve tomorrow a decree law that contains the obligatory nature of the registration and entry of all workers with the object, according to the unions, of facilitating the payment of extra hours they perform and to facilitate the work of the Labor Inspectorate. This obligation was annulled by two judgments of the Supreme Court.

The imposition of the registration of the working day has counted so far with the refusal of the employers. The CEOE has expressed on several occasions that it considers that "time control mechanisms already exist" and that the implementation of the registry implies "a change towards the old". The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, called this measure "antediluvian" in an interview with this newspaper. According to employers, the time schedule proposed by the Executive increases bureaucracy and business costs, has "real problems of application", eliminates measures of internal flexibility and reconciliation and is "very difficult to apply" for small and medium enterprises . However, the Executive of Sanchez already warned that he would approve the measure with or without the support of the employers, dispensing with the "mood" negotiator with which he intended to champion the social dialogue.

The labor registry, which companies must keep for four years, is one of the measures of the labor counter-reform that Sánchez intends to present in the campaign, together with the prevalence of collective agreements over company agreements and the ultra-active nature of these (the automatic extension of non-renewed agreements). These two measures, however, are more difficult to fit without the agreement of the employer, so the Government seems resigned to leave the counter-reform measures that present tomorrow.

Among them, it also includes the recovery of the subsidy for people over 52 years, compared to the current 55, an aspect to which at no time have employers opposed. The recovery of the subsidy for people over 52 years old was one of the issues that had remained in the air after the approval of the General State Budgets of 2019 and the call for general elections. Until 2012, the age to request this subsidy was 52 years. With the labor reform of the PP Government, the access age was raised to 55 years. The subsidy for people over 55 is a monthly aid of 430 euros that the unemployed worker charges until he reaches the retirement age that allows him to access a contributory pension, regardless of its type, which in practice translates into forced early retirements and, therefore, in pensions of smaller amount.


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