The Government ignores 25% of Spanish in its instructions to the centers

The Government ignores 25% of Spanish in its instructions to the centers

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, during the extraordinary meeting of the Government. / EFE

The commons endorse the decree law of the Generalitat, while the PP and Vox will take it to the Constitutional

Just on the day that the term that the justice gave him to execute the sentence that forces him to teach 25% of the classes in Spanish in all public and concerted centers expired, the Government moved this Tuesday. The Ministry of Education sent instructions on linguistic matters to schools, as requested by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), to adapt to the ruling on Spanish. In addition, he informed the justice system about these indications, informed him of the approval of a decree and advanced the next validation of a law.

However, the Minister of Education, Josep González-Cambray, avoided confirming whether or not he is obeying justice. He limited himself to saying that the Catalan government is moving the courts away from schools and is acting as a "shield" for teachers as "maximum legal responsible." It will be the justice that will have to determine if the Government complies with the ruling on 25% of Spanish with the mere sending of the instructions and with the approval of the new regulatory framework.


It remains to be seen, since none of the guidelines sent to the centers say that they have to teach 25% of the classes in Spanish. In other words, the Generalitat does not formally require schools to teach at least one of the core subjects, such as mathematics, in Spanish, as established in the ruling. Moreover, the circular sent to the centers proclaims the "non-application of numerical parameters, proportions or percentages in the teaching and use of languages." And, in addition, the Government warns teachers that "they cannot opt ​​for a different use of the language than that provided for in each linguistic project." Therefore, it closes the door so that teachers who are in favor of strictly complying with 25% of Spanish in the classroom can do so. It does acknowledge, however, the "curricular" use of both languages ​​at school.

The instructions include a questionnaire of seven questions to find out if each center adheres to its project to the new legality in the use of languages ​​approved by the regional Executive. There are questions about whether the linguistic project "avoids the use of percentages" in teaching, if it foresees that Catalan is the language normally used as a vehicular and learning language, and if the project contemplates the curricular and educational use of both Catalan and Spanish. . The Generalitat hopes to avoid the ruling by setting a new regulatory framework "so as not to apply percentages in any classroom."

The decree law will be validated by ERC, Junts and the commons. The PSC supports the new Catalan law that is about to be approved, but opposes the decree because it understands that it does not comply with the sentence. PP and Vox, meanwhile, announced that they will take him to the Constitutional Court and urged the Government to do the same. Vox and Cs even claim the application of a new 155.

The Assembly for a Bilingual School will ask the TSJC for new measures to enforce the ruling in the face of what it considers to be "obvious disobedience" on the part of the Catalan administration.

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