May 14, 2021

The Government hopes that the Electoral Board will remove the xenophobic posters of Vox

“There are provocations that must be entered.” This is how they pronounce from the Government about the xenophobic campaign that Vox has launched in the means of public transport in which it has placed posters with manipulated data against unaccompanied foreign minors and that this Wednesday has led to Congress. The Executive, which urged the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, to act through a call from the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, now awaits a pronouncement from the Provincial Electoral Board to withdraw the campaign, although government sources admit that the body that is in charge of ensuring the cleanliness of the electoral processes “is swinging” lately, in reference to the decision to maintain the candidacies of Toni Cantó and Agustín Conde that the Constitutional Court annulled.

Xenophobia and manipulation in the propaganda of the essential partner of Díaz Ayuso

Xenophobia and manipulation in the propaganda of the essential partner of Díaz Ayuso

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But in the political sphere, the coalition considers that there are speeches of the extreme right that must be fought and the targeting of unaccompanied foreign minors (menas) is one of them. To the pronouncements that took place on Tuesday about the posters in the framework of the electoral campaignSeveral members of the Executive have joined during the control session in which Vox has taken the opportunity to reiterate its xenophobic message. “Yes there is money to maintain menas throughout Spain and maintain the stay of illegal immigrants in the Canary Islands and while Spaniards and legal immigrants, in the queues of hunger,” said the spokesman, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros.

“Their thing is hatred, literally hatred. What they have done with those posters pointing to boys and girls who come in terrible situations having been the object of very serious crimes in the transits they make is called inhumanity and hatred,” the first vice president, Carmen Calvo. “You should be ashamed of what you are installing in the politics of our country,” Calvo has reproached him, who has been applauded by the benches that support the Government and, especially, applauded by Nadia Calviño who has told him: “Very well, that’s just the thing to say. ”

Espinosa de los Monteros has used the same figures on the rostrum on the cost of unaccompanied minors in the Community of Madrid: “Based on official documents it amounts to 4,751 euros on average for each unaccompanied minor”. The spokesman for the extreme right has also shown a headline in the newspaper El País that indicated that the region would invest 140 euros a day in each unaccompanied minor.

The Minister of Social Security and Inclusion, José Luis Escrivá, had refuted the data that seek the “criminalization” of unaccompanied minors, recalling that there are only 218 children registered in the Community of Madrid.

Also the third vice president, Yolanda Díaz, has taken advantage of a question from the leader of Vox Macarena Olona to reproach them for the speech against unaccompanied minors that the far-right party has maintained for years. “In this society there is no room for hatred, racism or the violation of Human Rights,” said the leader of United We Can in the Government. And he concluded: “Spain is supportive, it would be good if you take it into account every day. What you do represents the worst of yourselves.”

In a response to the Vox deputy, Ignacio Gil Lázaro, the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has also referred to the controversy generated by the cartels. “You speak of a homeland without human rights and without fundamental rights, a homeland based on hatred, and we speak of a homeland based on human rights and freedoms,” the minister wanted to emphasize.

Marlaska has promised to “guarantee” that “even” from Vox “can say what they say, as long as it is within the Constitution and they do not generate and incite hatred, violence and discrimination.” “Because they are also going to find us there, they are going to find this minister and the State security forces and bodies,” he stressed. “We are going to continue defending the vulnerable, and we are going to be vigilant so that those unaccompanied minors, that these people due to gender diversity, are not in any way singled out by fascists like you.”

Government sources recall the weakness and vulnerability of unaccompanied minors who leave their countries in search of a better future and explain that the Executive works to protect them also in their countries of origin. From the first vice presidency they indicate that before the pandemic broke out they had a project to try to improve their conditions and not run the risk of embarking on the transit to Spain.

Also during a question to the Minister of the Interior, the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, denounced that “in Spain there are speeches and political leaders dedicated day and night to sow hatred.” “It is said first that those who go to the hunger queues are subsidized and supported, and hatred is sown against the poor. Racist advertisements are placed against minors in the Madrid metro, that it takes being cowardly and miserable to put the children in the shooting, and it turns out that a 12-year-old boy has his face cut off in Guadalajara, “he lamented.


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