The Government has been transparent with the death figures

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, assured this Thursday that the Executive has been “absolutely transparent” with the numbers of deaths from the coronavirus and has warned that it will only be possible to approach the exact number when the pandemic passes and a study is done “rigorous and calm”.

In an interview in the Sixth, Sánchez has admitted that now that much more information is available, it is “evident” that he was “late” when declaring the alarm and that it should have been done “much earlier”, but he also defended that the measurement was taken when it should have been taken according to the data available at the time.

In addition, it has considered that thanks to the coordinated work with the autonomous communities, they have improved their capacities and now their degree of response to the virus is much higher, so that the machinery has been “oiled” so that it can respond to outbreaks of form “effective” as is happening now.

And in this sense, he pointed out that the control of the outbreaks is showing that “the strategic capacities of the autonomous communities are working” and have “sufficient instruments to detect, isolate and control the outbreaks.”

He has assured that in these months “what has prevailed is unity” and there have been no reproaches from the Government to the autonomous communities about the management of their powers.

He has stressed, when speaking of residences, that it is necessary to “strengthen” this system, which at the moment is “too expensive”, and to reinforce “much more necessary and friendly” services such as home and proximity care.

In any case, in his opinion, the “fundamental lesson” to be drawn from this crisis is that the welfare state must be strengthened and free and universal public health guaranteed, something essential.

He has once again recalled the cuts made by the PP Government and specifically has said that they reached 8,000 million in health, to underline that now the Government has promised to give lost funds to communities for health spending – within the 16,000 million from the COVID-19 fund.

During the interview, Sánchez defended that the Government has always been “honest” and “transparent” in terms of the number of victims.

And he recalled that the WHO recommendation was followed to count the victims -only those who had positive PCR-, but he also stressed that the estimates of organisms such as the Carlos III Institute or the INE, which speak of higher figures.

We will have to wait until the pandemic ends, he warned, so that a “rigorous, calm and serene” study can be carried out.

In this context, he regretted that “the right and the extreme right” have used the death figures “in a very unfortunate way.”

“No doubt that hurts us the PSOE and the government” is using the figures, “has hurt us a lot,” said Sanchez, who considered that the deceased should be “out of the political fray”.

On the other hand, Sánchez stressed that material reserves are being made to be prepared for possible waves, and explained that Spain is leading, along with other countries, a “joint and equitable response” to access the vaccine, when there is one, of COVID-19.

A vaccine that, he has warned, must be “for the whole of humanity” and not only for rich countries.


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