The Government gives green light to the rise of 2% of the salary of officials - La Provincia

The Government will give the green light in the nextMinister councilfrom this Tuesday to therise in salaries of public workersfor the year 2020. This has been done by the President of the Government,Pedro Sanchez, this Monday to TVE. This has been one of the topics discussed at the meeting this Monday, preparatory for the Council of Ministers on Tuesday; as he has been able to confirm 'El Periódico'. The Spanish Executive thus resolves one of the pending issues that dragged from the last legislature and thatthe electoral advance delayed. The update of the payrolls of officials and other public workers will be 2%, will affect 2.5 million people and was already agreed with the unions since 2018.

The new Coalition Government will give effect as of Tuesday to the II Agreement for the improvement of public employment and working conditions, signed in 2018 by unions with majority representation and the then Minister of Finance and Public Function, CristóbalMontoro. The interannual pact ratified two years ago provided for aprogressive review of public employee salaries; although its implementation had to be approved annually in the Official State Gazette (BOE). The advance and subsequent electoral repetition caused the Executive (then single color) to end the 2019 in functions and this was the argument that at the time he argued not to apply the increase; when considered lacking in competencies.

One of the consequences of such a delay is that public officials probablythey will not see the increase in their payroll until February, with the consequent compensatory payment for the month of delay in the review. Union sources consulted say that the times, already in the second half of January, are very "fair." If the administrative procedures do not reach this month, it will be on the second salary of 2020 when public employees should see this increase by at least 2%. It is pending that the Government and the territorial administrations pacify the distribution of an item of additional funds, which can raise this increase to 0.3%.

Evolution of the economy

Another element that the Government must specify is theplus linked to the evolution of the economy, which in its day was agreed up to another 1%. The agreement foresees that, if GDP growth is less than 2.5% "the increase will decrease proportionally depending on the reduction in growth that has occurred over said 2.5%." According to the latest data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), GDP grew in the third quarter at a year-on-year rate of 1.9%.

The Executive also plans to approve aclimate emergency declaration, similar to that already approved by the Barcelona City Council or the European Parliament.


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