The Government finalizes the abortion law with casualties for the rule when there are pathologies

The Government finalizes the abortion law with casualties for the rule when there are pathologies

This week, the Ministry of Equality and the Ministry of Social Security have agreed that in the draft of the new Abortion Law led by Minister Irene Montero, casualties are contemplated due to incapacitating rules paid 100% by Social Security and from the first day . According to Moncloa sources consulted by this Saturday, the Government's intention is that situations caused by menstruation as the cause of a pathology be included in the catalog of casualties due to temporary disqualification.

Although they have not yet closed the text with Equality, from Moncloa they point out that these menstrual losses will be for cases in which there is a diagnosed pathology. For example endometriosis: if this disease of the uterus causes disabling pain, discharge may be considered.

The measure is still being debated within the Government as a whole, so it can still be modified. The specific leaves agreed by the Social Security and Equality are configured as a type of temporary disability that, like any other leave, must be granted and be under medical supervision.

It will not be associated with any minimum or maximum number of days, contrary to the initial proposal of the Ministry of Equality, which was committed to three days extendable to five.

In addition, they will be financed from the first day by Social Security and will not require a minimum contribution period, unlike common diseases, which require a minimum period of 180 days in the previous five years, the same sources report.

From the economic vice presidency they specified this Thursday that "the text has not yet been closed" and recalled that this is "done collegially by the entire Government." The intention is to close it "in the next few days", they point out from the department of Nadia Calviño, "to advance the gender equality policies promoted by the entire Government as a whole".

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