February 28, 2021

The Government figures in 1.129 minors arrived in Catalonia the first semester

The Minister of Social Affairs, Chakir el Homrani, has encrypted this Thursday in 1.129 the number of unaccompanied foreign minors (menas) who have arrived in Catalonia in the first half of this year, and in about 300 those who have left the system of protection upon reaching the age of majority in 2018.

The minister has contributed these figures in response to an inquiry made by the PPC on these minors in the plenary session of the Parliament.

The Homrani has explained that, of the little more than a thousand ores who turned 18 in 2018, some 300 opted to abandon the protection system, while of the remaining 700 some 500 continue under the protection of the Generalitat and about 200 have emancipated .

In response to the question of the deputy of the PPC Santi Rodríguez on whether the Government had raised the return to their countries of origin of children who have committed crimes, and that the popular estimated at 18%, the minister has replied that international law prohibits this possibility.

However, the PPC deputy has disagreed with the minister saying that the Catalan government can proceed to the return of children who have committed crimes through the Government and the Ministry of the Interior.

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