The Government extends the prohibition to cut electricity, gas and water during the state of alarm



The Government has approved this Tuesday extend the prohibition on cutting off electricity, water and natural gas supplies to vulnerable consumers, severely vulnerable or at risk of social exclusion while the state of alarm lasts. This is established by the Royal Decree-Law on urgent measures to deal with situations of social and economic vulnerability in the field of housing and transport.

To accredit the condition of vulnerable consumer before the companies supplying natural gas and water, the presentation of the last electricity bill that reflects the perception of the social electricity bonus is sufficient.

The Government spokesperson and Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, stressed in the press conference after the Council of Ministers the importance of this measure in "this time of vulnerability with greater energy consumption", and pointed out that it seeks to "strengthen" and extend the definition of vulnerable consumers "in all categories". As Montero pointed out, "it will not only cover vulnerable consumers" who may already have social bond contracts - some 1.2 million consumers - but it will also apply to others who present an analogous situation and where mediators or social services will help to prove their vulnerability to the utility company.

The prohibition of the suspension of supply will also apply to those consumers who, not being able to prove the ownership of the supply contract or, therefore, access the condition of vulnerable or severe vulnerable consumer, comply with the rest of the requirements established through accreditation. by certification of said circumstance by the competent social services or by social mediators before the supplier company.

In addition, the period in which this measure is in force will not count for the purposes of the periods between the reliable request for payment and the suspension of supply due to non-payment established in current regulations.

The measure approved today consolidates the guarantee of supplies to vulnerable consumers. Its urgency is justified by the essential nature of these supplies for homes in the approach of winter, which coincides with the time of year when the greatest energy consumption occurs, and by the exceptional situation derived from the health and economic crisis.

Regarding the supply of water, it is guaranteed for the entire population and, especially, for vulnerable consumers, as has been assured by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), which has guaranteed, through the municipalities, that there are no water cuts for non-payment to any vulnerable person.

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