October 24, 2020

The Government expands its public employment offer in the State to 15,236, although the unions see it as still insufficient

The negotiation on the 2021 public job offer in the General State Administration (AGE) continues. The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function has improved its approach with an increase of 1,923 places compared to its initial proposal, to a total of 15,236 places, reports Europa Press and union sources confirm to elDiario.es. The workers’ representatives consider that the figure is still insufficient, given the deficit of workers after years of reductions in its workforce, so the parties will meet on Monday to continue negotiating and try to reach an agreement.

The Government agrees with unions and Communities to regulate teleworking for all public employees

The Government agrees with unions and Communities to regulate teleworking for all public employees

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The Government has raised its initial proposal by 1,923 positions by now proposing a public employment offer of 15,236 positions (8,061 open access positions and 7,175 internal promotion), compared to the first proposal yesterday that contemplated 13,313 positions (7,066 access positions free and 6,247 of internal promotion). The three unions have requested a detail of the breakdown of positions by sectors, which has not been provided by the Public Function. The workers’ representatives insist on the importance of reinforcing the personnel of public services, key in this pandemic in areas such as Social Security and the SEPE (State Public Employment Service), as well as rejuvenating their workforce.

Despite the improvement, the unions (CCOO, UGT and CSIF) hope that the public job offer may be higher and will try to achieve an increase in the figure on Monday. Carlos Álvarez, head of the AGE at UGT, affirms that in the last decade “40,000 jobs have been lost and, although we are aware that a single offer cannot be recovered, we hope that the figure may increase.”

Álvarez points out that the restrictions on new places that the replacement rate implies affect open access places, “but not those for internal promotion”, so the union will try to increase these places above all.

The offer proposed for this 2021 is still lower than that of last year, which reached 19,688 places (11,338 open access and 8,350 internal promotion), although this figure included the annexes referring to public employees of Justice, personnel Defense statute, some officials of the local administration or teachers of Ceuta and Melilla, among others, while now only the positions in the AGE are being negotiated and that part should be added to the total figure.

The Government has set the last meeting for next Monday as the deadline to conclude the negotiation with the definitive public job offer, whether or not there is an agreement, with the intention of subsequently calling the General Negotiation Table of Public Administrations and being able to approve the new offer via royal decree in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, October 27, reports the Europa Press agency.

From CCOO they consider that the proposal offered this Thursday should have been the “minimum starting point”, which passes through the strict application of the budgetary criteria (replacement rate of 100% for certain sectors, 75% for the rest and increase 5% additional for high volume of retirements). In any case, it denounces that the net job loss continues, for which it considers “essential” the negotiation of an extraordinary EPO for the areas with the greatest difficulties and risk of collapse of the public service and the attention to citizens, as has happened in 2017 and 2018.

The Secretary of Employment of the state sector of the AGE of FSC-CC.OO., Javier Martínez, has specified to Europa Press that the union is betting that the number of 10,989 positions, which were those of the ordinary OEP last year, will be Intended to strengthen the groups and public services that the ordinary OEP does not reach: labor personnel and general body C2 auxiliary to the public, such as SEPE, Social Security, AEMPS, Immigration, investigation, Penitentiary Institutions, Documentation.

CSIF sources expect that there will be an increase in supply, since the new proposal remains “very far” from last year’s figures, after warning yesterday that the “viability” of the AGE is put at risk and there could be “collapse “in the SEPE and Social Security.

15,000 positions pending call

CSIF recalls that the AGE has lost in the last ten years, between January 2010 and January 2020, 43,477 positions, according to data from the Central Registry of Personnel, which represents a loss of 12 public employees per day. Added to this, 19.2% of the workforce is over 60 years old and is therefore on the verge of retirement.

CCOO asks to provide the EPO with measures that guarantee agile development, since currently more than 4,500 applicants for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 EPOs have approved processes and have been waiting for months to join the Administration and there are 15,000 positions pending call. or in development, some for more than two years. Likewise, it calls for instruments for the diagnosis of public employment, which allow the real needs of the public service and citizens to be identified, as had been agreed in previous OEPs.

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