June 15, 2021

The Government estimates the spending on conservation and supplies to Zarzuela at 54 million euros since 2005

The Government estimates the costs associated with the conservation, maintenance and supplies of the Palacio de la Zarzuela between 2005 and 2020 at 54.3 million euros. These are costs paid by the State outside of the annual budget of the Royal House. of about 7.8 million and that is added to other items paid by the ministries but that are destined to the monarchy, such as the personnel that depend on the National Heritage or the Ministry of the Presidency; the security, of Interior; the Royal Guard, of Defense; or the mobile park, of the Treasury. In the case of the maintenance of the Zarzuela complex, it is National Heritage that is in charge of financing it through its corresponding item in the General State Budgets.

The king has only hired two employees and eleven high positions through the assignment of the Royal House.

The king has only hired two employees and eleven high positions through the assignment of the Royal House.

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“The expenses assumed by National Heritage associated with the Palace of La Zarzuela are consigned in a non-typified budget concept, 226.10 of program 337A, which includes all expenses of that nature (maintenance, supplies or conservation, among others)” , explains the Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts and Constitutional Affairs, linked to the Ministry of the Presidency, on which National Heritage depends, in a parliamentary response to the Senator of Compromís, Carles Mulet. In addition to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Spain, the law attributes to the institution the ownership of those assets that are property of the State and are “assigned to the use and service of the king and members of the royal family.”

The Government offers the executed and budgeted expenses for the Palacio de la Zarzuela -which are currently around 2.8 million euros per year and which came to exceed five million-, but it does not allow knowing in what they are invested specifically. For example, it does not respond to the question posed by Mulet of how much the remodeling and maintenance of the chalet in which the ex-lover of Juan Carlos I Corinna Larsen, located in the La Angorrilla farm in Mount El, has cost the public coffers. Brown. “Nowadays it is not possible to make a disaggregated calculation in the sense requested in the parliamentary initiatives”, the Executive justifies in its answer.

The data offered by the Government correspond to the budgeted items in the public accounts each year by National Heritage for the Zarzuela complex [65,6 millones de euros entre 2005 y 2020] and what in total has been executed [once millones menos].

The year that more credit was budgeted was 2010, in the midst of the economic crisis, with a total of 5,385,500 euros, although not everything was invested and 4,501,453 euros were executed. It was in 2007 when the most was spent on maintenance and conservation of the Zarzuela, with a total amount of 5.32 million euros, a figure slightly higher than the 5.21 million budgeted. Between 2013 and 2014 there was a significant downward jump. Compared to the 3,308,403.72 euros spent in 2013, a year later the figure dropped to 1,623,301.86 euros. The amount remained within these margins for the following years until 2017, when expenses again exceeded two million euros.

Among those maintenance and supply expenses to the Palacio de La Zarzuela is the contract awarded by National Heritage to a company for the conservation of “institutional building facilities” valued at more than 250,000 euros per year that includes the care of three pools (two summer and one heated) enjoyed by kings and their daughters. Neither the Government nor the Royal House say how much the works cost for the house in which Larsen stayed, but since 2006 National Heritage spent 660,000 euros to maintain 39 forest houses on the mount of El Pardo, among which is that of the farm of La Angorrilla.

The institution under the Ministry of the Presidency pays the bills for very diverse expenses of the royal family. For example, in a response also to the Senator of Compromís, the Government admitted that between 2000 and 2013 more than 25 million euros had been spent for the Fortuna yacht that some businessmen gave to the then King Juan Carlos. 24.8 million euros went to maintenance contracts -including those of the crew with the Valencia Naval Union, 7,883 euros in advice and technical assistance (Navantia SA) and 995,229 euros in insurance (AXA).

National Heritage also makes available to Zarzuela part of its staff and pays the salaries and subsistence of the three valets who take turns accompanying the emeritus in Abu Dhabi – those trips they cost between August and December 9,600 euros. The rest of the workers of the Royal House depend on the Ministry of the Presidency, Interior and Defense -in the case of security and the Royal Guard- and the Treasury, which dedicates 60 drivers of the State Mobile Park to representation and affairs services general and incidents of both the Headquarters of the State and the personnel at the service of the House of the King. With your allocation of public accounts, the king has only hired two employees – for an amount of 92,100 euros per year – and eleven senior officials.


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