Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

The Government estimates that hotel occupancy during Holy Week will exceed 78%

The Government estimates that hotel occupancy during Holy Week will exceed 78%

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Turespaña, a body under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, has announced thatto occupation during Holy Week will exceed 78%, according to the estimates of the Tourism Occupancy Survey.

This study carried out by this institution periodically, has also placed the accent on the level of hotel reservations (75.1%, compared to 69.2% in 2018)as the employment forecast (83.5%, compared to the final 78.9% in 2018). The reservations of lodging in rural houses are of 74%, with anticipation of occupation of 80%, figures similar to 2018.

As the Minister of Industry, Reyes Marotdo, has assessed, "the data is very positive, since occupation rises in all segments and destinations, which reinforces the role of tourism as a lever for sustainable and inclusive growth, and confirms the good situation of the Spanish tourism sector ».

For different segments, the coast tourism it would have reached 79% of reserves (71% in 2018) with an occupancy forecast of 88% (82% in 2018). As for the indoor tourism, has also shown higher levels than those of 2018, with reserves of 67% (62% in 2018) and a forecast of 79% (76% in 2018).

All the Autonomous Communities have enjoyed better figures than in 2018, according to the OCUPATUR survey. Andalusia leads, with 81% of reserves and 88% of occupancy forecast, followed by the Canary Islands (79% of reserves and 84% of employment forecast) and Comunidad Valenciana (78% of reserves and 86% of occupancy forecast). The Balearic Islands presents 77% of reserves and 82% of occupancy forecast.

Between the cities with better forecast of occupation for Holy Week, highlight Malaga (93%), Granada (92%), Seville (90%) and Bilbao (90%). In Madrid, it is expected to reach 73% occupancy.

This is the first wave of the survey, which asks about reservations and employment forecast. The second wave will take place next week, and will report on the level of actual occupation. A total of 2,544 establishments were surveyed: 2,188 hotels, 278 rural houses and 78 accommodations located in ski areas.


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