September 26, 2020

The Government entrusts itself to the incorrupt arm of Montoro and takes a roll

The congressional vote that concluded with a defeat of the Government and there Pablo Casado ran out to savor it in front of the journalists and, above all, of the television cameras. If they put a janitor in front of him, he wears it. Terol, behind me. Gamarra, behind too. Give me more microphones. The headline machine was offering a very dark panorama to the Popular Party with new data on the spy plot in the Interior at the service of the interests of the Government of Mariano Rajoy (AKA El Asturiano). Now it even appeared the amount of money in the reserved funds, 53,000 euros, spent to ensure that the information held by Luis Bárcenas did not harm the PP. Casado already imagined rehearsing in front of the mirror to see how he would have to request the party card from the man who was president of the Government for seven years and president of the PP for fifteen years. With what you have been, Mariano.

Up to six video clips with statements from Casado uploaded the PP to his Twitter account. There is the thing to waste gifts from the enemy.

The Government insisted on being defeated and it succeeded. Listening to the Minister of Finance, it was difficult to understand why the PSOE got into a battle over the financing of the municipalities that it could not win, unless it is to be able to boast in Brussels that it also knows how to turn off the tap of public money when it is necessary. This was not to take away the savings from the children. She did not want to leave the municipalities without the funds that are theirs, she explained. “The Government does not need in any case the money of the municipalities,” said María Jesús Montero in the gallery.

The PP deputies laughed. “As much as it bothers you, this country is solvent. You are out of reality if you say that this country cannot finance itself in the markets and with the rates that I have told you.” In other words, interest rates so low that they are almost negative. They take the bonds out of our hands, ma’am, I do not stoop to scratch a few euros in the municipal accounts.

If that is so, why drive straight to defeat this week and give the PP arguments to do their opposition work for a few weeks precisely when they appear in all the media the adventures of El Asturiano and his acolyte, the holy man of Las Vegas? And do it also with the legal apparatus that Rajoy and Montoro imposed with their absolute majority against which the PSOE manifested itself in the strictest terms? Why leave the socialist and Podemos mayors themselves in the lurch? And also present it in the form of an ultimatum?

“Do not think that there will be a second chance,” Montero warned, like someone who scolds students who have not studied for the final exam. At that point, she already knew that she was going to be defeated in the vote. And not by little, 193 votes against and 156 in favor.

Joan Baldoví, from Compromís, asked the Government “not to make a drama with what happened today” and to negotiate another decree. “You learn much more from defeats than from victories.” This is the typical phrase with which we all agree, but which in politics is only met rarely.

The treasury remnants of the municipalities amount to 15,000 million. The government decree established that the local corporations handed over that surplus to the central government, which in turn would return 5,000 million this year and next, and the rest within a period of fifteen years. What is usually called in comfortable terms. A last-minute change, agreed with Ada Colau and United We Can, allowed for 3,000 million of that fund to be allocated to all municipalities, including those that do not have a surplus, depending on their population. It is a voluntary mechanism, Montero said. Volunteer that way. It did not leave many options to the municipalities.

Casado had reason to be exultant after the parliamentary rejection of the ratification of the decree law, which has only occurred on two other occasions after 1979. “This historical defeat shows a serious problem of weakness within the Government and, above all, arrogance and incompetence when it comes to reaching agreements, “he said at a press conference called a few minutes earlier. Already launched, he went on to affirm that the increase in the salary of civil servants, the pensions of retirees and the contributions of the self-employed is in danger. His spokesman on the platform, Antonio González Terol, had almost started the state bankruptcy by speculating that “soon they will not be able to pay the payroll.”

Do not be alarmed. It is never necessary to prove these claims in Parliament.

In the hemicycle, Montero tried to denounce the hypocrisy of the PP for criticizing the application of a law that was approved with his votes: “Isn’t the PP the author of the budget stability law? Isn’t it the PP that has prevented municipalities from using the remnants for a decade? ”

The argument already seemed somewhat fragile a few days ago. It was Cristóbal Montoro himself who said that “the spending rule and the limitation of the deficit should be suspended” due to the economic collapse caused by the pandemic. “I am a believer in economic and budgetary stability,” Montoro said in an interview on TVE, “but this is a public health crisis with a terrible social dimension that produces an economic crisis. Our laws provide for that, and I do not understand why they are not being applied “.

After Montoro’s words, what happened to the Government is as if you mount the crusades to go to the holy war and take Jerusalem and the Pope says that where are you going in such a hurry and why are you killing those people who have not done anything to you? hurt.


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