April 14, 2021

The Government enables the subsidy for domestic and temporary employees after more than a month of waiting




With more than a ms of delay, the Government has enabled this Monday the process that will allow, starting tomorrow, May 5 applying for extraordinary unemployment benefits for domestic and temporary employees without entitlement to benefit. This aid was approved in late March to help these groups affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the state of alarm. The Official State Gazette (BOE) today publishes two resolutions that set out the details of these extraordinary subsidies that must be processed before the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

In the case of domestic workers, who until now did not have this right, those who are dismissed or have had their working hours reduced since the entry into force of the state of alarm and throughout its validity may request it. The subsidy, for 70% of its regulatory base, is compatible with other activities as long as the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) of 950 euros per month is not exceeded.

Once approved, the resolution details, it will be charged on the 10th of each month for the entire duration of the measure.

From the Sedoac association they have denounced that the aid is “insufficient” because it will leave out the “most vulnerable” employeesThat is, those who carry out their activity in black, which could reach almost 300,000, according to calculations by the Association of Active Domestic Service of Madrid (Sedoac).

In the case of extraordinary unemployment benefit for temporary workers Whose contract ended during the State of Alarm without having generated the right to any benefit, the Government indicates that this contract should be for at least two months and with an obligation to contribute due to the unemployment contingency.

It is a subsidy incompatible with “being a recipient of the minimum income, inclusion income, social salary or similar aid granted by any Public Administration”. It is also with being working for yourself or someone else “full-time on the date of termination of the contract or on the date of birth of the exceptional subsidy.”

In this case, it is charged for a month and for an amount equivalent to 80% of the current monthly multiple-effect income public indicator, that is, about 440 euros per month.

The payment of financial aid will also be made by SEPE from the month following that of the application.

On March 31, the Government approved temporary subsidies for vulnerable groups such as domestic workers or temporary workers who have not contributed the period necessary to be entitled to unemployment benefit.


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