The Government doubles the funds to reinforce municipal social services with 100 million

The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday the endowment and distribution of the Concerted Social Services Plan. A lifesaver for municipal social services that this year reaches a record figure: 98.9 million euros. A record amount in the two decades of existence of this financing mechanism for municipalities and the basic benefits for citizens that cover, from orientation and training; home help and support for the coexistence unit; or alternative accommodation and prevention and social insertion. The amount is more than doubling what was allocated for the same purpose in 2020 (with 40 million) and returns to the path of the years before the crisis of a decade ago, when the cuts returned the fund to levels of the 1980s.

The Government undertakes to inject up to 6,000 million into the Dependency system in the next three years

The Government undertakes to inject up to 6,000 million into the Dependency system in the next three years

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The Government will thus authorize the Ministry of Social Rights led by Ione Belarra to distribute those 100 million among the autonomous communities (except the Basque Country and Navarra) based on criteria such as population, which represents 90.0% of the total; surface area (5%), dependent population (2.3%), dispersion (1.5%), large cities (0.7%) or insularity (0.5%). The Interterritorial Council of Social Rights, which includes all the regional governments, must give its final approval to this distribution.

Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid will be the regions that receive the most funds: 17.8, 15.9, and 13.6 million, respectively. The Valencian Community, with 10.4 million; Galicia, with 6.5; Castilla y León (5.9) and Castilla-La Mancha (5) follow them at the top of the list, sharing most of the money.

The Government thus returns the funds of this plan to the situation they had before the crisis of the last decade. In 2010, 97.1 million were included in the Budgets. In May of that year came the harsh cuts from the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and in 2011 the amount fell below 90 million. But it was from 2012, with the PP in the Executive, when the snips arrived: 46 million that year and 27 the following. In 2017 it recovered slightly, up to 40 million, an amount that has been maintained until the Budgets of 2021.

The 100 million that the Government approves this Tuesday involve not only recovering the data from 10 years ago, but the record of contributions that the State makes to the municipalities for this purpose since this plan was launched in 1988.

The Ministry of Ione Belarra has also proposed to the autonomous communities the inclusion of a clause that requires that at least 20% of the increase in financing that corresponds to them is destined to reinforce the personnel of social services, when this template is still recovering from shock produced by the harsh impact of the pandemic.

The Government of the PSOE and United We can thus maintain the trend of reversing the cuts in social rights launched by the PP. The Executive already increased funds for family protection by 60% and against child poverty, for example.

But the bulk of the investment in the coming years will be taken by the dependency system, mortally wounded during the Rajoy governments and which in the coming years will see how it will they breathe up to 6,000 million euros. The first 600 were already included in the 2021 Budget and their distribution was approved by the Council of Ministers in one of the last performances of Pablo Iglesias as second vice president.


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