The Government does not see possible to fix the minimum pension in 1.080 euros | Economy

The Government does not see possible to fix the minimum pension in 1.080 euros | Economy

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, today warned retirees and pensioners that the Government "can not commit" to approve a minimum pension of 1,080 euros per month, or a Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) of 1,200 euros He has assured that he would "like" to adopt such measures, but has indicated that the Executive of Pedro Sanchez has as a "priority" at this time "the sustainability of the pension system" and the financial stability of the country.

"We would like the whole Government [aprobar la pensión mínima de 1.080 euros], but simply, right now, the Government and the entire society should have two clear priorities: the social sustainability of the public pension system to guarantee the maintenance of its purchasing power, and the financial sustainability of the system, "the minister said in a statement. meeting held in Bilbao with representatives of pensioners.

The group of pensioners of Bizkaia, who this Monday has returned to demonstrate through the streets of the Biscayan capital, has transferred to the owner his "doubts" regarding the agreement reached in the commission of the Toledo Pact to revalue pensions according to the IPC "real". After the meeting, Valerio told reporters that the central executive "can not commit" to set the minimum pension at 1,800 euros per month, as requested by pensioners, or an SMI of 1,200 euros.

"What we are not going to stop doing, under any circumstances, is to stop paying the extra to our pensioners because they need it to live them and, in many cases, to help their children and grandchildren who do not have to suffer negative effects of the crisis, "said the minister, who recalled that only with the contributions will not be able to maintain the system.

The Government does not plan to resort to the fund reserves Social Security to pay pensions, he said. In the so-called piggy bank of pensions still subtract 8,000 million euros (there were 67,000 million in 2011), but the Executive will not touch for now because it plans to "keep pulling the credit" of 6,000 million requested a year ago to address the payment of pensions.

When referring to the SMI, has indicated that the Government has "will" to "respect" the agreement reached by the previous Executive with unions and employers to place the minimum wage at 850 euros in 2019.

The explanations that Valerio has given to pensioners have not fully satisfied these. After the demonstration that they have returned to star in Bilbao, have assured that they will continue with the mobilizations on Mondays as the meeting held with the minister has not served to specify "nothing fixed" on any of the demands of the platform. Thousands of people, 25,000 according to municipal sources, have responded in the Biscayan capital to the call of the movement in favor of "decent pensions and a public pension system".

Error faith

In an earlier version it was said by mistake that "the government does not see it possible to set the minimum pension at 1,800 euros", when it should have said "a minimum pension of 1,080 euros".


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