August 9, 2020

The Government does not answer if it will act judicially against Assange by revelation of secrets

"We have nothing to say in that respect," he said at a press conference after the Council of Ministers, where a Chilean journalist asked if the Spanish government considered that possibility, taking into account that, of the 3.5 million of documents unveiled by Wikileaks, 55,000 are files that have to do with Spanish institutions.

Although Justice Minister Dolores Delgado also appeared at the press conference, the question was asked by the spokesperson to say that Assange – detained this Thursday in London after Ecuador removed the asylum that had kept him since 2012 sheltered in his Embassy – "it's a bilateral matter" between Ecuador and the United States.

"The Government of Spain has absolute confidence in the United Kingdom as a State with separation of powers and a Judicial Power capable of analyzing the case," he said.


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