The Government discards to approve labor changes or in pensions without consensus

The Government discards to approve labor changes or in pensions without consensus


The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, has ruled out today that the Government take forward changes in labor or pension matters via decree law if it does not achieve consensus among social agents and parliamentary groups.

"It is not the will of the Government to make a unilateral pension reform," said Valerio on Tuesday before participating in an information lunch because "the ideal is to have the support of the Toledo Pact and the social dialogue table."

The minister recalled that the Toledo Pact « derailed last week»Putting an end to« an awful job of two and a half years or more ».

In addition, the social dialogue table last Friday also failed to close an agreement that serves to repeal "de jure" the sustainability factor and the rate of revaluation of pensions imposed by the PP in its "unilateral" reform of 2013.

"As a government we must assess the situation," said Valerio, since "we would not like to have to make a unilateral reform of the pension system."

He added that the Government work in a decree law to repeal "the most damaging aspects of the labor reform of 2012", but it needs to "see it in the Social Dialogue table and agree with a sufficient number of parliamentary groups to be able to validate it".

This counter-reform was also being addressed in Congress and "derailed," the minister recalled, since the proposal of the Socialist Law had been joined by other groups' transactions to tackle subcontracting and modify the prevalence of agreement in some aspects, recover the ultraactivity and introduce the day record.


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