July 9, 2020

The Government discards the total stop of the economy

Nadia Calviño warns that the industry is needed to produce sanitary material and that it will reorient it in this regard.

The Vice President of Economic Affairs of the Government, Nadia Calviño, has ruled out completely paralyzing economic activity in Spain, since she warns of many industries, such as chemicals or textiles, are considered at this time of first necessity and necessary for the operation of basic services, including sanitary. “Containment is already very strict” and he does not consider that it has to be even more restrictive. At his side, Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, supported the vice president and recalled that containment measures are “the strictest that have been approved in the European Union, together with Italy. ”However, they did not rule out that, if necessary, additional decisions will be made, including the absolute quarantine of the population.

Calviño also confirmed that the Government is studying to expand the protection measures for all those groups that have been left out of the economic initiatives approved in the decree law of urgent measures. The minister was referring to such vulnerable groups at this time, domestic workers, temporary workers who have been dismissed or business assistants. “For these people we are absolutely open to adopt new initiatives that help them. We will do everything necessary and we are working intensively with the other ministries to see other measures for vulnerable groups, ”he said, thus opening the door to the approval of a minimum income for the neediest families.

He also announced that they intend to “reorient” the industrial activity to produce priority sanitary material to combat the coronavirus, with products as necessary as masks, ventilators, protective glasses or insulating overalls. “We need priority material to be produced and all economic activity to be directed to these priority areas,” he stressed.


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