January 25, 2021

The Government discards the elimination of island lists for substitute teachers – La Provincia

The Government discards the elimination of island lists for substitute teachers - La Provincia

It only supposes a sentence within a draft, but the alarms have already jumped among the temporary teachers, the aspiring citizens and the union organizations after the beginning of the procedure to modify the Procedure for setting up employment lists for the access of temporary staff by the Ministry of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Specifically, the document published on March 4 for prior public consultation during fifteen calendar days includes, among the proposals for amendment of decree 74/2010, the statement "eliminate insular areas because of their ineffectiveness, since they limit appointments, as opposed to the regional scope, which would allow greater availability of personnel capable of being appointed". And, in two days, "a barbarity" of complaints were received among the unions present in public education, admitted the president of the National Association of Teachers (Anpe) in the Canary Islands, Pedro Crespo, majority organization in the non-profit sector. academic.

Not in vain, "to suppress the insularization of the lists, that is to say, the election of the territory through which the interns opt for the appointments of the next course, has not been raised in any technical table at any time," recalled Crespo after considering " unacceptable "the proposal. However, the head of Anpe in the Archipelago called the teachers and citizens concerned to assess the document "without alarmisms" in facing its first formality of the administrative procedure, in fact, it still awaits the individual and collective proposals before its later trade union and political negotiation.

"Not at all, really"

Precisely, the general director of Personnel of the Ministry of Education, Juan Rafael Bailón, yesterday tried to reassure the hundreds of interns to stress that the regional government "not for a moment is the modification of the island, of course, what works is not going to change, really".

"Another issue is to put on the table the conditions that create difficulties to cover quickly and quickly both vacancies with substitutions, with the greatest possible transparency, with the aim of improving the decree, but without creating concern," argued Bailón to frame the justification text of the initiative, available on the web canariasparticipa.com of the Ministry of Presidency, Justice and Equality of the regional government. Through the draft decree of modification of the current norm, the Ministry of Education and Universities develops the additional provision sixty-seventh of the general budgets of the Autonomous Community of 2018, with which the Government of the Canary Islands promoted the separation of the regulations that regulate the interinities of the Canary Islands Health Service and of the teaching staff of the rest of the public function, understanding that the operation and characteristics of these two areas justify a regulation specific, detailed at the end of February from the department headed by Soledad Monzón.

Through the previous public consultation, introduced in the processing of the files by the article 133 of the Law 39/2015 of the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administrations, in this first period the main scheme is informed to obtain the opinion of the subjects and of the most representative organizations potentially affected. In this case, the outline is made up of the problems that the new decree intends to solve, the need and opportunity of its approval, the objectives of the future norm, and the possible alternative solutions for regulation, detailed by press release from Education, a administrative process valued "very positively" by Anpe if it does not question "the acquired rights of interim teachers, absurdly limiting the possibility of reducing their scope of services to one or more islands" against the work and family conciliation.


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