The Government directly buys a building for 4.7 million

Archive image of the Ovalum building, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. / arcadio suarez

The Autonomous Heritage Law allows the acquisition without competition based on the suitability of the property or the need and urgency

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

The General Directorate of Heritage of the Ministry of Finance has initiated the file for the
purchase of a new administrative property in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as well as eight parking spaces. This is the Ovalum building, the acquisition of which will entail an outlay of
€4.7 million in a direct transaction
without contesta formula allowed by the Canarian Heritage Law.

The rule states that purchases must be carried out through public tender unless the Minister of the Treasury agrees to the direct acquisition due to "peculiar needs, real estate market conditions, the urgency of the acquisition or the special suitability of the property."

The intention of the Government is to locate in this property the dependencies of the
General Directorate of Security and Emergenciescurrently installed in a building owned by the regional administrations and "whose environmental and habitability conditions do not comply with current regulations", according to the order of the counselor that allows this operation.

More administrative space

The provisions of the Master Plan for Administrative Buildings contemplate the need to have
new infrastructure that allow expanding the space for administrative use with the aim of coping with the growth of public services and concentrating their provision in the same area.

The report points out that seven buildings in the capital of Gran Canaria have been taken into account which, due to their location and surface area, could be suitable for setting up regional administration offices.

However, it has been found that
the Ovalum is the only one that meets the optimal conditions for the planned destination", among which its area is valued, the "very favorable" location due to its proximity to the Multiple Services I and II buildings, its state of conservation and maintenance, which allow an immediate move without the need to carry out works of rehabilitation or reform, in addition to its conditions of natural light and ventilation, in addition to being on a corner with three facades "and wide views of free spaces".

In addition to this case, which is caused by the deterioration of the current facilities of the General Directorate of Security and Emergencies, the autonomous community has established a line of action aimed at
reduce rents that pays for the facilities in which public services are provided.


Thus, the Ministry of Finance has started the process to
rehabilitate two buildings unoccupied for administrative use. The process of improving both buildings has a
total cost of 13 millionmost of which is already included in the regional budgets for 2022. These centers will be used for multiple uses to be used by different ministries.

One of the buildings is located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo de
Santa Cruz of Tenerife. is the
former treasury headquarters, an abandoned eight-story building that was already tried to be sold and was put up for auction, but was left deserted. In the budget it has four million although the final cost will be
Seven millionaccording to Patrimony.

In the case of
Gran Canariawill be rehabilitated for six million
annex of the old Palace of Justiceabandoned since the city of La Justicia was inaugurated.

Shop in Santa Cruz

Likewise, Patrimonio opted for the purchase of the
Tres de Mayo Avenue building of Santa Cruz, where Education and other services are located, and for which they are paid
3.5 million rent per year. the building is
valued at 46 million and the Government has already paid 55 million euros in rent.

Once these spaces are in operation, what remains are "small rents" because the Tax Agency already has its own building in Gran Canaria.

The hydromassage shower was stored in a warehouse. / c7

A building that 'came to fame' for Ruan0's hydromassage shower

The Ovalum building has already been occupied by the Government of the Canary Islands on a rental basis. It happened three legislatures ago and its facilities were used by the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands, then directed by José Miguel Ruano, of the Canary Coalition (CC).

The office was under the spotlight and with some controversy after the aforementioned department of the regional Executive began the move from this property to Multiple Uses, following the Government's slogan to reduce rents in the administrative structure of the autonomous community.

The reason was that among the evicted belongings was a hydromassage shower that was installed in the counselor's office. José Miguel Ruano assured that the furniture was already in the building when he accepted the position and arrived at his office in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and that he had also never used it.

As he explained then, the aforementioned shower had been acquired by a decision adopted by the General Directorate of Heritage, which was then in the hands of Paulino Monstesdeoca (PP).

In addition, the union representatives of public employees, who at that time faced salary cuts and the control of current spending in their departments, raised their voices when they also found design furniture - with chairs whose price reached 1,100 euros the unit-, an office with a ceramic hob, microwave and refrigerator, as revealed at the time.

The hydromassage shower ended up in a multipurpose garage that served as a warehouse.

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