May 26, 2020

the Government "did what it had to do" by facilitating the exit of companies from Catalonia




The president of Foment de Treball and former member of Convergencia i Unió (CiU), Josep Sánchez Llibre, has assured that the State "did what it had to do" in October 2017 when it passed a decree that facilitated companies to change their headquarters and move it out of Catalonia.

In an interview with the newspaper "Ara" on Monday, Sánchez Llibre has opined that, with that decree, the companies that "left can also come back now", and he does not believe that King Felipe VI intervened in this operation.

He has been optimistic that companies will return to Catalonia when the conditions exist: «They will return, but the decision is very personal of the owners of the companies. When they see that in Catalonia there is stability that they believe is necessary.

Regarding the political situation, he has assured that Spain cannot «Allow the luxury of a third election», has asked for stable governments and that the political parties understand each other, and has indicated that without a complicity between PSOE and PP there will never be an agreed solution for Catalonia.

In that sense, he has demanded that the Budgets of both the Generalitat and the State be approved: «If the businessmen do not have stable governments either in Catalonia or in Spain, nor do we have budgets, we are in a much more negative situation than that of other countries ».

New financing model

For Sánchez Llibre, the new financing model must review the positive or negative effects of the capital of Madrid: «I think they are much more positive than negative. This is also not normal and we have to rationalize it ».

He has ensured that Seat and Nissan are ready to make an energy transition but that it will not be in five years, but in ten, fifteen or twenty, and that this would not mean the loss of jobs, provided that the administration and the car industry reach an agreement and "there is complicity between both parties."

Asked by him unemployment and occupation, said that in Spain "there is a structural problem between the demand and the supply of work", and has opted for the implementation of vocational training and dual vocational training.

«We should get a change of mind so that families and young people see that, today, have a good job Through FP, it gives you many more possibilities for integration, remuneration, social prestige … », he said.

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