March 3, 2021

The Government deploys an offensive to present the achievements of a year of community by community management

Pedro Sánchez deploys an offensive to present the achievements of a year of managing the coalition community by community. Government delegates have called press conferences in the seventeen autonomous regions –and in the two autonomous cities– to show the level of compliance with the commitments made by the Executive with a territorialized nature. The initiative of the planning department to monitor the government activity of Moncloa is based on the report prepared on the management of 2020 and that Sánchez presented at the end of the year balance press conference.

The coalition forgets the protocol

The coalition forgets the protocol

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The representatives of the Executive in the communities will disclose this Thursday “the most relevant actions of the Government of Spain in their respective territorial areas” in the first months of the life of the coalition, as government sources have advanced to

The press conferences of the Government delegates – which coincide with the anniversary of their appointment or ratification after the inauguration – represent the third step in the implementation of the accountability of that department. The first was Sánchez’s appearance in which he presented that first report Fulfilling which includes the 1,238 promises made by the Government –in the programmatic agreement or the pacts with the formations for the investiture, during the speeches and interviews of the president or in parliamentary appearances of the ministers– and their degree of execution. From there, the ministries reported on the initiatives on a sectoral basis.

Now the government representatives in the territories will recount the measures that have been adopted depending on the degree of affectation to each of the communities: investments received for different concepts (extraordinary funds, liquidity mechanisms or sector plans, among others), beneficiaries of social protection initiatives (such as the Minimum Living Income or ERTE), infrastructure development or works projects, among others.

The Government estimates that in December almost a quarter of the commitments had already been made and the mechanisms had been activated for 90% of the proposals. The methodology for preparing the report was validated by experts from the academic field, among which were the Director of the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP), Ismael Blanco; professors María Bustelo, Paula Rodríguez and Cristina Elías; or the professors Daniel Innerarity, Carles Ramió, or Manuel Villoria.

In addition, Sánchez promised that the percentage of fulfilled commitments increases to 32.6% for the next balance sheet, which will be in June 202. Moncloa’s intention is that the accountability mechanism be institutionalized in Spain also for future governments and that the activity carried out be analyzed every six months. Moncloa will also set up a web page ( in which it will add all the information on the accountability of Fulfilling.

“It is a project to vindicate the usefulness of the policy because it helps to fulfill what was promised,” explains the director of the Department of Planning and Monitoring of Government Activity, Francisco Martín, who leads the team that has been in charge of identifying the commitments of the coalition and analyze its level of execution. “It is not propaganda, it is an exercise of risk,” adds Martín, who considers that the forecast of progress forces it to be carried out within the announced deadlines or to explain why they have not been achieved.


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