The Government denies that the processing of the subsidy for unemployed over 52 years old has been halted

The Ministry of Labor denies that the recognition of the subsidy for unemployed over 52 years old has been paralyzed, as has published this Monday The World. The newspaper has reported that Labor had sent an instruction "to park most of the aid to this sector," something that denied from the Ministry. The Executive provides the following figures: from March 14 to March 28, the Public Employment Service (SEPE) has received 56,000 applications, of which 32,000 have been approved, 57%.

"The data is clear, most of the requests have been resolved," sources from the Ministry led by Magdalena Valerio told The newspaper El Mundo notes that "the national direction of this organism [SEPE], under the Ministry of Labor, has had to issue an instruction in which he communicates the paralysis of almost all requests for this subsidy ".

From the Ministry of Labor dismissed as "false" that most applications have been paralyzed, although they acknowledge that they have sent "a circular" that affects "very specific cases in which doubts have arisen, mainly on contribution bonuses linked to the part-time work and maternity leave. "

As explained by these official sources, the circular has requested that "these requests are not denied on which doubts have arisen and that the resolution is postponed until they are analyzed well, but there is no paralysis of the majority of aid, they are very exceptional cases "

The Ministry fits these delays within the "normality" of applying modifications of the criteria in the granting of an aid or benefit. In any case, if the subsidy to these people is finally recognized, it will be paid "retroactively from the beginning of the application".

The new subsidy for unemployed over 52 years -Which eliminated the cuts of the PP Government of this benefit and extended its recognition with some measure, such as eliminating the requirement to contribute during the 90 days prior to the receipt of the subsidy- entered into force on March 13 after being published in the Bulletin Official of the State (BOE) the decree law that regulated it. The increase in the price of this aid from 100% to 125% of the minimum base has started instead on Monday, April 1.

Among the changes introduced in the decree, the standard again lowers the age of access to this subsidy from 55 years to 52 years, eliminates the requirement of having reached 52 years at the time of the causal event and eliminates the percentages applicable to the amount of the subsidy when the beneficiary comes from a part-time job, so that he receives it in full.

The subsidy, consisting of a monthly aid of 430 euros, also increases its maximum duration, since it can be charged until the fulfillment of the ordinary retirement age, as opposed to the regulation of the Executive of Mariano Rajoy, which obliged him to stop collecting it in the At this time, any contributory form of retirement could be accessed, leading to "forced retirement", as the unions have denounced.

The socialist government has calculated that the modifications introduced in the subsidy will benefit almost 380,000 people: 114,000 who will now be able to access it, 265,465 who will see their contributions improved and 12,000 people who currently receive the subsidy partially and will receive it full-time .


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