June 19, 2021

The Government denies having cut off days off officials and says it follows the 2008 criteria | Economy

The Government denies having cut off days off officials and says it follows the 2008 criteria | Economy

The Ministry of Public Function and the CSI-F union face each other how the days off of the officials are counted. Report the central public workers, that the Government has changed its criteria by applying a criterion of proportionality to the time actually worked during the year and that this means a reduction of rights. The department led by Meritxell Batet "categorically denies it".

The chronology of this clash begins on December 14, when the Higher Commission of Personnel issued an agreement that recalls that for all officials the "criterion held" has been applied since February 29, 2008. In this last agreement it is said that these days of annual delivery (six calls mosquitoes and another six that accumulate according to seniority, called gray) will be computed "based on the time actually worked" applying a "proportionality rule".

This serves him the Ministry of Public Function to reject the accusation of CSI-F, who accuses him of "cutting the moscosos by surprise". The central office goes further and points out that this "stupid interpretation"It affects officials affected by gender violence.

The Executive rejects this interpretation outright and "deeply regrets the manipulation of such a sensitive issue". According to his explanation, the text of the Superior Staff Commission what he does is to clarify what happens with the public employees of "new income" and if the periods as officials in practice should be counted as effective work time, that is, if you have account to know how many days off they have right during the year.

CC OO and UGT interpret the December response in the same line as the ministry. "There is no change of criteria," they say in CC OO, "the one that has been applied since 2008 applies." The same come to say in UGT. In this union, they even point out that the criterion of proportional computing with respect to the time actually worked is applied to the mosquitoes since 1992, it would be about gray when the interpretation of 2008 is followed, One year after the Statute of Civil Service was approved.


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