February 25, 2021

The Government demands the Franco family to return the pazo de Meirás for a "fraud" in its purchase

The Government has presented a lawsuit against the Franco family in the courts of A Coruña in which it demands the return of the pazo de Meirás. It is based on a document of 1938 that was unknown until now and, according to the Executive, confirms that the sale of the property to the dictator was "fraudulent", according to has published this Wednesday El País.

This notarial deed would show that the residence had been purchased on August 3, 1938 by the Pro Pazo Board to the heirs of the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán andThe money was paid with a popular fee that, when it failed, became forced. Thus, the sale to Franco in 1941 through a contract of sale between the dictator and the widow of the writer's son would be fraudulent.

According to reports El País, the Government argues that "it is evident" that it is "a business without cause (simulated business), since the property object of this contract of sale had been sold years before" and "delivered to the Chief State "in an official act in December of 38.

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