The Government demands Casado to abandon "catastrophism" and to speak well of Spain "out of patriotism"

The Government wants Pablo Casado to change his oppositional attitude so that he does not harm the economic interests of Spain, fundamentally abroad after the leader of the PP assured in an interview in El Mundo this weekend that Spain is close to bankruptcy and that you are going to need a ransom. "It would be good if he stopped once and for all the blockades, the unfounded catastrophies and agreed to be on the side of the vast majority of Spaniards who want Spain to do well," the Executive spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, has reproached him. at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

Sánchez announces in Cantabria his intention to decentralize the institutions of Madrid to stop depopulation

Sánchez announces in Cantabria his intention to decentralize the institutions of Madrid to stop depopulation

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"Tomorrow is a very beautiful day, it is the national holiday [ha dicho Rodríguez en referencia a las celebraciones del 12 de Octubre] and perhaps a good reason for all to reflect on how to do patriotism or how to value our country. A good way to do patriotism is to speak well of Spain, do it inside and outside, "said Rodríguez. In Moncloa they do not forgive the head of the opposition that his party questioned in a report to the European Commission the rule of law in Spain in the framework of the negotiation of European funds.

"Perhaps it is a good day for Casado to reflect on the need to once again have a State opposition in our country," defended the Government spokesperson, who regretted not having the PP by her side during the management of the crisis in the pandemic: "It would be good if it was placed in the agreement, the dialogue, in adding in favor of Spain. I do not ask you to be in favor of the Government, but in favor of Spain instead of dedicating itself to subtracting, although with that or intends to detract from the credibility of our country. "

"Fortunately outside the environment of his party he has little credibility, but it is not good for him to dedicate himself to attacking the general interests of Spain by speaking badly of our country," said Rodríguez, who insisted that the national holiday is "it is a good day to make a homeland and speak well of ourselves. "

Rodríguez has also defended himself from the attack launched this time by the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, before the bet of Pedro Sánchez to decentralize some State institutions taking them out of the capital. The intention of the Executive is that the institutions or organizations of new creation are established outside the Community of Madrid.

But Ayuso has launched against the president for that intention that is also demanded by regional governments or municipalities of different sign as a way of distributing wealth beyond the capital. "To destroy Madrid is to destroy Spain," said Ayuso.

"I believe that the Prime Minister and the Socialists do not understand that all countries have a capital, that the capital of Spain is called Madrid and that it has been for five centuries. Spaniards from all corners have lived in Madrid. Madrid is a capital very loved by all Spaniards ", he said to add then that" the left gives Madrid for loss and therefore what it intends is to decapitalize it by looking for votes in other territories ", reports Fatima Knight. To do this, Ayuso said, he creates "in a very pernicious, dangerous and senseless way grievances against Madrid" and seeks that other Spaniards "hate Madrid", that they hate "their own country." "He will have us in front, of course, to fight this battle that does not benefit anyone, does not solve anything and only affects the daily life of citizens," Ayuso concluded.

The coalition spokeswoman has assured that the regional president's statements "seem somewhat forced": "It seems that every day she will need to find an excuse to confront with the Government of Spain or with Sánchez." "Calm, tranquility, nothing happens", said Rodríguez, who assured that "it is about sharing the State" and that "does not mean subtracting the capital of Spain": "It is about making Spain bigger".

Rodríguez has warned that it is about doing "the opposite" to the "dismantling of the State of the autonomies" which, in his opinion, is what Ayuso "does not dare to say, but his government partners do say" in reference to Vox. Rodríguez has assured that the decentralization of the autonomies is "a model of success in the provision of services." "There is no reason for concern but quite the opposite, it is about sharing the country and the State," the socialist concluded.


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