The Government delays without date the entry of the digital 'tax free' and hits small and large businesses

It is estimated that the average savings of tourists on the islands with the 'tax free' would be 10%. / carrasco

After more than two years of battle, the Treasury had set June 30 as the definitive date for its premiere, but it will not be there. The sector trusted him to encourage sales at a difficult time due to inflation

Silvia Fernandez

The Government of the Canary Islands had committed with the commercial sector of the Canary Islands to have implemented a digital, agile and efficient 'tax free' system on June 30 of this year.

After more than two years of 'battle' by the merchants of the islands to demand the implementation of this system, which became relevant after the
'brexit' (the United Kingdom became a third country and the British can benefit from the refund of the IGIC) and several delays on the date set, June 30 was the final one.

the commercial sectorhit hard by the pandemic in the last two years and now by inflation, which cuts sales,
I waited like May water to the 'tax-free'.

The 'tax free', key since the 'brexit' for British tourism

British tourists have returned strongly to the islands - they lead the arrivals and the recovery - and the
refund of the IGIC It is an incentive for greater consumption and spending in the Canary Islands, as is happening in the rest of national and world tourist destinations.

However, the 'tax free' system of the islands is neither present nor expected, as was made clear by the
director of the Canary Islands Tax Agency, Raquel Peligeroin a recent meeting with the representatives of small businesses in the chambers of commerce of Gran Canaria and Tenerife and the CCE.

As it explains
Eugene Sanchez, president of the internal trade commission of the Gran Canaria Chamber of Commerce and also a representative of the CCE, Peligero told them that the
"lack of staff" of the organism prevented "once again" the implementation of the 'tax free' in the Canary Islands.

In the rest of the national territory it works perfectly

In the rest of the national territory it is working perfectly thanks to the DIVA digital validation system of the Tax Agency (AEAT) -considered the best in Europe- and British tourists are making extensive use of it.

The Government of the Canary Islands is causing us to lose competitiveness Regarding other destinations, "says Sánchez, who does not understand the inaction of the Treasury on this issue. "We think there is no will," he declares.

In the islands, the legislative framework for the development of the 'tax free' exists, since in 2018 the Government of CC approved decree 111/2018, of July 30, which approves the refund of the IGIC by digital means. So, if the Government wanted, it could extrapolate the AEAT's DIVA system to the Canary Islands and implement it on the fly, according to the businessmen.

No date for its entry into force in the Canary Islands

However, as Sánchez explains, the Government has chosen to design its own system and now cannot do so because it does not have personnel. «
The worst thing is that there is no new date»the Mint.

The general secretary of Asodiscan,
alfredo medinathe mint the opportunity that is being lost while the president of Fauca,
Abbas Moujir, considers that the Government "is giving long" to businessmen. "There is no will on their part," he says.

The head of internal trade of the Chamber of Gran Canaria,
Victoria Gonzalez, points out that 'tax free' is a "strategic issue" for the commercial sector and a value that differentiates the destination. "The tourist is pulling the trade, as evidenced by the data, and with the 'tax free' the figures would increase more".

As indicated, the Government of the Canary Islands subtracts value from this system due to the low taxation of the islands. However, various studies suggest that the average savings for tourists in the Canary Islands would be almost 10%.

«What is saved is usually spent again in the destination, in commerce, restoration... and that
we are losing itSanchez points out. In this sense, Victoria González points out that »as little as it was« it is to the benefit of the Canary Islands.

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