The Government dedicates 100 million to buy and rehabilitate buildings

Image of the Government Council of the Canary Islands held yesterday. / EFE

The Council decided yesterday to rent with the option to buy the Urbis property and the auction of a property in Madrid

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

aiming to go
eliminating rents y
improve facilities of the autonomous community, the
General Directorate of Heritage has undertaken in this legislature the
purchase and rehabilitation of buildings that entail an investment of almost
100 million.

These performances are
financed with own funds as well as the program to promote the rehabilitation of public buildings from the funds of the
EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRM).

The last of these operations was approved yesterday by the
government council: rent with option to buy at 10 years from the
building of the city in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for
13.5 million.

The intention is
Expand the CECOES and Gestión Sanitaria de Canarias (GSC) facilitiesin addition to locating some services of the
Ministry of Economyas stated in a press conference
the Minister of Public Administrations and spokesman for the Executive, Julio Pérez.

He explained that this
direct lease and without a public contest -a formula that has also been used in the purchase of some real estate- is
provided for in the heritage laws when prices are in line with appraisal.

Immediate purchase

In addition, Patrimonio is carrying out the procedures for the
immediate acquisition of the
auditorium building in
Santa Cruz of Tenerifeintended to relocate
17 judicial bodies.

This purchase, still in the negotiation phase,
would amount to 22 million -to be paid in five years-, to which
we would have to add another 10 million for the interior finishing of this 13,000 square meter property.

Already last year, the Government of the Canary Islands
acquired the 3 de Mayo buildingalso in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, used by various ministries and which was rented for almost 3.4 million per year.

This building,
acquired from the Santa Cruz City Council for 31.2 millionbelonged to Antonio Plasencia and was incorporated into the assets of the Tenerife capital as part of the recovery of the money from the sale of Las Teresitas.

Also in 2022, in this case in
The Gran Canarian palmsthe autonomous community bought the
ovalum buildingassigned to the
Ministry of Social Rightswhich is in charge of undertaking its final adaptation.

The forecast is
move between this month and next. For this property, which had already been used years ago by the Executive itself, they paid
4.7 million.


The General Directorate of Heritage also plans to
rehabilitate two buildings property of the Government, which have been abandoned for more than ten years and whose process will have a
total cost of 13 million.

one is the
former headquarters of the Treasury in
Santa Cruzwhich was already put up for auction, but was left deserted.
In Gran Canariawill be rehabilitated by
six millions of euros the annex of the
old courthousewhich has been abandoned since the city of Justice was inaugurated.

In addition to these purchase operations, the Government Council of the Canary Islands decided yesterday
put up for auction a property that you have in Madrid for almost two million euros "after a complex procedure," said the spokesman, Julio Pérez.