July 25, 2021

The Government decrees the state of alarm to close Madrid

There has been no agreement. The Government of Pedro Sánchez decrees a state of alarm in the Community of Madrid to maintain the perimeter closure of the capital and nine cities after the justice overturned those measures due to a formal defect. The Official State Gazette will publish the decree at 2:00 p.m. after being approved by an extraordinary Council of Ministers this Friday and will come into effect at that time. The president has communicated this to Isabel Díaz Ayuso in a phone call that occurred when the deadline he gave him tonight to reach an agreement that went through three options: that the regional government issued a new order, that it be decreed the alarm jointly or directly by the Government. The president of the Community of Madrid has rejected the perimeter closure of the ten cities and has opted to return to confinement by basic health areas, a measure that is insufficient for the central government.

Sánchez convenes a Council of Ministers to decree this Friday the state of alarm in Madrid

Sánchez convenes a Council of Ministers to decree this Friday the state of alarm in Madrid

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At the edge of noon, Moncloa reported the start of the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers. It was the time at which the deadline given to Isabel Díaz Ayuso to accept one of the options to maintain the mobility restrictions that justice revoked expired. Pedro Sánchez summoned his cabinet this Thursday night urgently before the possibility of decreeing the state of alarm in Madrid if there was no understanding with the regional government, to which he proposed decreeing that measure jointly or that it was the Community that imposed new restrictions through a new order. “The president was clear yesterday and there has been room for a response from the Community of Madrid,” sources from Moncloa assured at that time.

“The President gave the president three scenarios yesterday. He even told her that as a courtesy the Council of Ministers could delay a bit from 8:30 to 12:00. He has not called her,” they explained in the presidency of the Government. For her part, the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, has contacted her regional counterpart, Ignacio Aguado, to inform him that the Council of Ministers has just started and that the president has not called the president, “these sources add. conversation between both leaders took place shortly after. “The Community of Madrid asks for more time. The president has informed him that public health must be protected now and that the State of Alarm will be approved. They have agreed that in the next 15 days the teams will continue talking about the scenarios, “government sources have explained.

The decree of the state of alarm contains the same restrictions that came into force last week, although they were annulled by the courts due to problems of legal authorization to carry it out. The option of the state of alarm allows to give legal coverage to this limitation of the mobility of citizens in Madrid and the other nine Madrid cities with a higher level of incidence of the virus. The Government has the power to resort to this exceptional tool by virtue of article 116 of the Constitution throughout the national territory or a part of it for a maximum period of fifteen days. The Executive will have to give an account to the Congress of this adopted measure, although its endorsement is not necessary for this first fortnight. In the event that the Government intended to extend it, it would need the authorization of Parliament.

The deployment of controls will take place from early afternoon to monitor compliance with the restrictions on mobility imposed by the state of alarm that the Government will decree. According to sources from the Ministry of the Interior, the security system of the National Police and Civil Guard is ready and the operational deputy directors of both bodies are already aware of the deployment of their troops in the region. The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, head of the municipal police in the city, has been against the application in successive interviews.

Ayuso leaves the explanations in the hands of the counselor

The Madrid government has faced this situation divided. The president of the PP was in favor of recovering the perimeter confinements based on the basic health areas – an approach that for the central Executive was insufficient from the beginning – while Aguado preferred to opt for a new order that included the restrictions that the justice overthrew but solving the fault so that allowed the TSJM to overturn the order, as did the Government of Castilla y León, which has achieved the TSJ’s ratification of autonomy.

But the proposal of the president of the Community of Madrid continues to be her model of basic health areas despite the fact that this option was not provided among the options offered by the Government. However, Ayuso has chosen not to appear and the person in charge of communicating that decision to public opinion on such an important day has been the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, in a press conference, in which he has defended that the Executive autonomic “has a plan and it is working.”

“It is a plan based on basic health zones, which allows us to make strategic decisions to contain the virus,” Escudero defended, explaining that the new proposal would tighten the thresholds so that areas with an accumulated incidence of 750 would have restrictions. cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. It would affect 51 areas, Escudero has assured. “It is something that the Community of Madrid has tested,” he continued.

The Minister of Health has assured that it will have to be the Government that explains what happens now when the state of alarm enters the region. “At the time it has been decreed, they are the ones who assume the competition,” he said. “They will have to say what they have in mind with the people of Madrid. It will be very difficult to understand that it applies when the decisions made by the Ministry of Health, with all its technical team, have a clear decline from an epidemiological and healthcare point of view “Escudero insisted on defending the improvement of the data when this Thursday Ayuso herself asked the people of Madrid not to go on a trip during the bridge.

Regarding the data, the counselor has maintained that the Ministry of Health “congratulated” them on the evolution of the figures before decreeing the state of alarm. “We were congratulated, but then the political decision that goes against their technicians comes out. They didn’t give us the slightest option, ”Escudero reproached. A version of events that contrasts with the three options that the Government of Spain assures that it gave the Ayuso Executive: redo the order to allow the perimeter closure of Madrid, autonomously summon the state of alarm or, in the latter case, force it by part of the Council of Ministers.

In an intense meeting in the Puerta del Sol that has lasted hours, the differences of opinion between Ayuso and his vice president have been verified, which Escudero has framed in the proposal of different “options”. “The decision has finally taken place in the sense that you know,” he concluded.


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