The Government cools the possibility of establishing an immunity card to COVID-19

The Minister of the Presidency, Meritxell Budó, has cooled this Monday the possibility of establishing an immunity card for the population that has passed COVID-19, as suggested by the epidemiologist Oriol Mitjà, who advises the Govern.

The draft of the "coordinated exit from confinement" plan promoted by Mitjà proposes offering an "immunity certificate", in electronic format and also on paper, to those who already have antibodies for having passed the infection.

In statements to Radio 4, Budó has cautiously referred to the possibility of introducing a "passport of immunity" for the population: "We have not yet decided," said the minister, who stressed that the Government has not yet approved "no deconfusion plan" and all there is for now are "proposals".

"At those moments I prefer not to value this immune passport, but I do have to know who, in some way, has passed and who has not passed the disease. It will be very important to keep in mind the radiography of society when carrying out the lack of confidence ", he remarked.

And he added: "I do not know if it will be through a passport or with another type of tool, at the moment I do not know. It is a proposal that other countries have also studied. At the moment I prefer to be cautious when affirming whether it will be in one way or another. "

Mitjà's proposal also bets on mobile applications to monitor cases and contacts and "collect mobility data through GPS" and contacts "through Bluetooth".

Budó has pointed out that the Govern "at no time" has considered "tracking the mobiles", but it does "know that the Spanish State Government has made an announcement in this regard.

The minister has said that she is aware that "the one who has the final decision" on the lack of confidence is the Pedro Sánchez government, but has maintained that the Generalitat must "make proposals" because it is "who knows best" the reality of Catalonia.

Thus, according to Budó, the State should "leave the government of Catalonia and also the municipalities, which will be a very important piece, to decide how children can get out."


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