September 19, 2020

The Government considers that the decriminalization of euthanasia to Congress must be carried out "as soon as possible" | Society

The Government considers that the decriminalization of euthanasia to Congress must be carried out "as soon as possible" | Society

The spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, this Friday after the Council of Ministers. On video, the government rejects criticism of opportunism.

The arrest of Ángel Hernández – already at large – for helping his wife die, María José Carrasco, a patient with multiple sclerosis for 30 years, He has reopened the debate on euthanasia and has put it squarely in the electoral campaign. From the Government defend their commitment to the right to a dignified death and undertake to bring to Congress and approve "as soon as possible" its decriminalization. "What happened yesterday was extremely painful," the spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, summed up at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

As the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, recalled, the Minister of Education has stressed that the PSOE presented a bill to regularize euthanasia in 2018 and that its processing had been delayed "up to 19 times by repeated expansion of terms ". Therefore, Celaá has considered that the accusations of the opposition for an alleged electoral use of the euthanasia debate "are not of receipt".

The government spokeswoman has assured that there is a huge social demand to regulate euthanasia that, according to several surveys, has 80% support. "It is very unfortunate that the person who had to help the very sad end of his wife live and in direct has been in this situation," said the minister on the detention of Hernandez.

From the PP, however, consider opportunistic that, following the assisted suicide of Carrasco, feed the debate from the Government. The president of the Congress of Deputies, Ana Pastor, has defended the criticism of the PSOE and We can PP and Citizens for having blocked the processing of the law at the table of Congress, which have a majority. Three initiatives to regulate or decriminalize voluntary death came to Congress in the last legislature. But everything is stopped. "We will have to ask the President of the Government why he anticipated the elections and why the laws that were being processed were not processed," said Pastor.

"As a doctor, I think we have to take care of and support and not demagoguery with these fat topics," he added. The popular has considered necessary the implementation of a portfolio of specialized palliative care services to which all patients can access to ensure their dignity, as well as that there is no "therapeutic harrassment" and advance the law of patient autonomy . Pastor has called for the greatest consensus among the parties in this matter and has criticized that there are those who use anything, "including the suffering of others", to campaign, reports EFE.

The Church has also entered the debate. The secretary general of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (EEC) has been against a law on euthanasia and assured that "the death caused" is not the solution to the suffering of the terminally ill. "Why do not we consider helping caregivers of people without hope of healing by offering them consolation from the company? The Church is committed to palliative care. You could say that we do it because we have a faith in eternal life, but so do the official colleges of doctors, "he said.


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