March 8, 2021

The Government confirms that it will eliminate the tolls of the AP-7 and AP-4

It was already planned on the Government's agenda, but in the last Council of Ministers it was definitely confirmed: the tolls of the AP-7 between Tarragona and Alicante and the AP-4 tolls between Cádiz and Seville will be eliminated. The Acting Executive has approved the bidding of the conservation and operation contracts of the AP-7 and AP-4 highways, which will be managed by the State from January 1, 2020 and in which tolls will be eliminated and all workers will be subrogated so that there is no loss of employment, at least among those hired indefinitely.

In the case of AP-7, the Executive has authorized four service contracts for conservation and exploitation operations between Salou (Tarragona) and Alicante. These contracts, valued at 129 million euros, affect four tranches located in Tarragona, Castellón, Valencia and Alicante. The section located in Castellón is the one with the highest value, with an estimated 36.71 million euros, followed by Alicante (33.88 million), Tarragona (29.83 million) and Valencia (28.75 million), according to data from the Ministry of development. Some of these contracts will be aimed at communication, surveillance or maintenance of electrical power supply facilities.

Regarding the AP-4, located between Seville and Cádiz, there will be a tender for an estimated value of 24 million euros. This contract is a decisive step for the elimination of the toll, scheduled for next December 31, which insurance will have a direct impact on the economic development of the area by allowing free movement through a strategic communication route, which can boost a area already with few resources.

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