The Government confirms a battery of decrees law - The Province

The Government confirms a battery of decrees law - The Province

The Minister of Finance,María Jesús Montero, has confirmed on Tuesday that the Government will approve in the Council of Ministers this Friday and in successive until the general elections of April 28several royal decreeswith measures of "recovery of labor and remuneration rights ", repeal of the "harmful" aspects of the labor reform, social measures and reduction of gender inequality, which will be covered by the higher Social Security revenues derived from the increase of the SMI and the contributions.

He has also anticipated that he will see the lightThe Public Employment Offer of 2019and that the updating of deliveries on account for the Autonomous Communities is being studied for the improvement of the collection of the main taxes.

"All the Councils of Ministers that are left of the present legislature will be loaded with measures", confirmed Montero during his speech at the Breakfast Press of Europa Press, where he has detailed that several royal decrees will be approved related to the recovery of labor rights through social dialogue and the reduction of gender inequality, such as the possible expansion of paternity leave to 8 weeks.

Montero has specified that decrees will be approved with measures for the recovery of labor and remuneration rights, the partial repeal of the most harmful aspects of the labor reform, social measures, such as the recovery of the contribution for non-professional carers, and reduction of the gender inequality.

It has also confirmed that the Government is settinga Public Employment Offer, to be defined in the social dialogue, and has advanced that they are studying the options for the possible update of the installments on account for the autonomous communities.

Specifically, he indicated that the Executive intends to update these deliveries by improving the collection of the main taxes, but that they will not incorporate the income linked to the tax increases that were raised, and he recalled that the only time approved deliveries on account outside Budgets was in 1996, so "legally is viable".

More money for the CCAA

For the update of deliveries on account, which will not see the light in the next Council of Ministers, but in a later one, the Treasury is making the calculation of the final figure, since the amount of 9,000 million collected in the 2019 Budgets could vary by making an adjustment in accordance with the budget extension in the absence of income necessary to offset the deliveries. Subsequent to the elections, a new distribution for the regions could be approved.

The minister explained that the new social and labor measures that the Government completes before the general elections on April 28will not be covered with tax increases, since tax revenues "can not be regulated by law decrees", but will be financed through some of the measures approved in the field of Social Security before the presentation of the Budgets, as the greater resources derived from the rise in Minimum wage and the increase in maximum social contributions.

Thus, he has ensured that these royal decrees can be validated in the Permanent Deputation of the Congress because the regulations of the Lower House so contemplate, and has justified its approval by decree ensuring that all measures are of "extraordinary need and urgent." "There are no more urgent measures to address the day to day of citizens," he stressed.

Dependency, scholarships and the end of the copay, are paralyzed

On the contrary, it has ruled out that decrees can be approved by means of decrees that entail an increase in public spending without financing, such as the increase of scholarships, the elimination of the pharmaceutical copayment, the increase of the Dependency item or the reform of pensions, since it considers that it will be "difficult" to recover the consensus of the Toledo Pact before the elections.

The Minister of Finance explained that theMeasures that will be released before April 28 "have budgetary reflection", while those that imply a greater expense for the State "will not be able to approve any without the corresponding chapter of income", although it has assured that the intention is that "nothing else to return of the general elections", if the PSOE, the Budgets will be submitted to the consideration of the Congress.


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