August 8, 2020

The Government condemns any sign of xenophobia for the coronavirus

The Government has condemned “any sign of xenophobia” that may occur due to the coronavirus virus epidemic and has called for the “restraint and responsibility” of all to continue normalcy in living with the Chinese community in Spain.

The spokeswoman of the Government, María Jesús Montero, has said it in the press conference after the Council of Ministers, where it has been recalled that the Chinese population “is perfectly integrated into our customs and way of understanding life.”

The Minister of Finance has also stressed the “modern” and “effective” health system we have, which is “universal” and “free.”

This allows citizens “have the absolute peace of mind that they live where they live, have the income that they have” the public system “will take care of them.”

He has assured that there is no news about those affected since the only patient – a German citizen – who has tested positive continues in a hospital in La Gomera and is symptomatic.

In addition, they have located the five people with whom he maintained contact and at first all of them have tested negative for the virus.

The spokeswoman explained that it is planned to take samples of the 19 repatriated Spaniards last Friday from Wuhan to rule out the presence of the virus and that none show symptoms.

Finally, Montero recalled that an Interministerial Commission has been created to coordinate the actions and that this afternoon the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, will preside over an inter-territorial meeting with the autonomous communities.


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