The Government closes an agreement with the social agents to recognize the ‘riders’ as platform workers

The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, the unions CCOO and UGT and the business organizations CEOE and Cepyme have reached an agreement to establish the employment situation of the ‘riders’, as reported by the portfolio led by Yolanda Díaz in a statement.

The Ministry has indicated that the agreement will recognize the presumption of employment for workers who provide paid delivery services through companies that manage this work through a digital platform.

In addition, the legal representation of the workers must be informed of the rules contained in the algorithms and artificial intelligence systems that can affect the working conditions by which the platforms are governed, including access and maintenance of employment and the preparation of profiles.

The new norm assumes the doctrine established by the Supreme Court in September, where it was recognized that the existing relationship between a dealer, popularly known as a ‘rider’ and the company, in that case Glovo, has a labor nature.

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has announced the agreement through social networks. “We reached a new agreement to guarantee the rights of people dedicated to distribution on digital platforms,” ​​he said. “A decisive step for its employment and to guarantee information on the incidence of algorithms in working conditions,” he stressed.


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