The Government carries out the spending ceiling of 2022 with the only opposition of Vox

With a concatenation of reproaches but with the support of the majority of the Chamber, the Government has resolved this Monday without problems the approval of the new non-financial spending limit, better known as the ‘spending ceiling’, than for the General State Budget by 2022 it will be 196,142 million euros. The Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, recalled in Congress that it is a record figure that responds to the sum of public accounts (169,787 million) and the amount of European funds that Spain will receive (26,355 million).

The Government maintains the spending ceiling at 196,000 million in 2022 despite European funds

The Government maintains the spending ceiling at 196,000 million in 2022 despite European funds

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Precisely with the European funds pending to arrive in the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, it had been assumed that they were not going to meet an iron opposition to the spending designed for future public accounts. The PP, through the mouth of the deputy Elvira Rodríguez, has focused its criticism on the economic management of the coalition government, which it has labeled “irresponsible”, to point out at the end that its political formation would abstain, which facilitated the approval of this first step for the race in the negotiation of the next Budgets.

Only Vox in its ‘antitodo’ drift (together with the congressman from Foro Asturias) has voted against the approval of the measure, while the popular, the CUP and the BNG have opted for abstention. The rest of the political formations have opted to show their support for the coalition executive in order to obtain revenues in the budget negotiation: Republican Esquerra, Ciudadanos, the PNV, EH-Bildu and the PDeCAT have voted in favor of the spending ceiling. All these formations have insisted that this is not a gratuitous support, delving into the management errors of the coalition government, with a view to the meetings in the coming weeks.

Before the debate, the PNV spokesman in Congress already admitted that his formation and government representatives have begun the round of budget negotiations: “We are talking. There is still a long way to go to discuss, but it is true that they contacted with us and we have started to discuss some issues. ”

Since this first debate, the Minister of Finance has sought the complicity of political formations that at other times have become indispensable to carry out the most decisive legislative initiatives. “Rejecting these public accounts would be the same as denying bread and salt to a society expecting an economic recovery,” stressed Montero, who has transferred the responsibility for the necessary push for the return to economic normality to the rest of the political formations .

Fiscal rules are temporarily suspended and the European Union is immersed in a heated debate on when it would be necessary to return to El Hierro control of the red numbers. The minister has warned that the public deficit will be reduced in 2021 to 8.4% (in 2020 it reached 11%) and that, thanks to the good performance of the economy and tax revenues in 2022 it will be reduced to 5%, But Montero does not believe that before 2025 we will be able to slide the deficit below the limit imposed by the European Commission to escape the special control suffered by countries that exceed 3% deficit. The head of the Treasury portfolio has pointed out that in 2024 we will still have a 3.2% gap between expenses and income.

“It will be because of this environment, in 2024, if possible, closer to 2025, when we will be in a position to present a path that takes up that commitment to fiscal consolidation, vis-à-vis the European authorities,” Montero stated.


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