Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

The Government calls the last proposal of Iglesias "absurd" and rejects the meeting he asks Sánchez

The Government spokeswoman, Isabel Celaá, has labeled the latest United proposal as "absurd" and "empty of content." We can form a coalition government that can be dismantled if Pedro Sánchez considers that "it has not worked" after the approval of Budgets The Executive rejects the request for a meeting made by Iglesias in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo (La Sexta) and urges the confederal group to assume that the "coalition is unfeasible" and that the negotiating teams of both formations feel to address the "intermediate path" that Sanchez poses.

"Let's not fall into discussing a proposal that becomes absurd and empty of content," said the Government spokeswoman on the proposal made by Iglesias to Sánchez in a call Phone Thursday. "It is important to move on to the last phase," said Celaá. For the Socialists, that means accepting that the "coalition is unfeasible" and that they can only sit down to negotiate Sánchez's latest offer: a solo government of the PSOE, with positions for United We can in some state institutions and a "triple" system guarantee "of compliance with the agreement.

"The situation on the part of the PSOE is very clear, we have made a powerful offer and we are waiting for United We can internalize it, reflect, draw its consequences and answer us about that offer because the one we received yesterday referred to a trial period yes or no, "Celaá insisted.

"We are going to focus on what is left as the main dilemma," he stressed and stressed that United We must decide whether to face the country's problems or go to elections. This has been done from the table of the press conference after the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The minister did not want to enter the criticism of Iglesias to the head of state, who believes that he should "arbitrate" in this situation and has simply said that he has reserved a constitutional role. "It will do what it deems appropriate," he finished. However, he reiterated that Sanchez will only undergo a new investiture if he has the guaranteed support to move forward.

The PSOE has issued in recent fears about the possibility that United We can give support without reaching a programmatic agreement that guarantees stability in the legislature. At that point he has highlighted the rejection of a coalition because he believes that it would not give guarantees: "With that political force it is necessary to create a scenario of trust. The citizenship understands it and will understand it more and more every day because a weak government does not interest Spain, weak, poorly connected and that doesn't bring us stability. "

On the proposal that some socialist barons expressed asked by El País to reach a revisable agreement later in which United We can join the Government later, Celaá has simply said that they are "proposals of some people." "There is no possibility of building anything firm there," he has settled.

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