The Government buys the first 18 houses for those affected in Tazacorte

The Ministry of Housing works with the hypothesis of a maximum of 600 petitioners for housing, since the official data from the cadastre shows that this number is the number of houses that have been destroyed by the eruption and lava. The procedures carried out by Visocan and the Canarian Housing Institute (Icavi) is to reach the end of the year with a maximum of 280 properties between bought and rented on the island, which is clearly insufficient if the real demand for housing exceeds this figure. Therefore, the area counselor, Sebastian Franquis, reiterated yesterday in La Palma capital the option of prefabricated houses.

The Housing Minister indicated that the construction of these prefabricated houses would take only about 18 or 20 days and pointed out that they would be provisional, despite the fact that they are “of good quality”, and that later they would be available to the municipalities for, for For example, housing evicted families. Its construction will depend on whether there is developable land in those municipalities. In those where there is, the Canary Islands Government is “in a position” to contract the construction of these prefabricated houses because it has already contacted specialized companies and estimates have been requested.

Single report

For the delivery of these houses to the families that really need them this week, the team of social workers has been set up to evaluate the socioeconomic situation of those affected and will produce a single report in coordination with all the administrations. The protocol signed yesterday also establishes the creation of a technical commission for social emergency made up of technicians from the Canary Islands Government, the Cabildo and municipalities. This commission will be in charge of drawing up the scale with which those affected will be served based on objective criteria. Likewise, the protocol establishes that the social work team created will be in charge of clarifying, organizing and ordering all the data that the municipalities and the Cabildo have already collected through different channels from the affected families and thus create a single registry of injured parties. .

The first social workers are already in the open office in Los Llanos de Aridane to collect the data that the most affected municipalities and the Cabildo have on the families that have lost properties in the catastrophe and in the next few days up to 14 professionals and one coordinator who will immediately begin to interview the victims, both in the office and in the hotel or places where they are staying to avoid the least possible inconvenience. With the information provided, the social reports will be made, which will be those that are transferred to the technical commission to assess the order of priorities in the delivery of the homes to be acquired.

During the presentation of the social intervention protocol, both the counselor and the mayors and the Cabildo made it clear that these are temporary housing that is put in the hands of the most affected so that they have a place to live but it is by no means the definitive solution . In fact, the mayor of Los Llanos, Noelia Garcia, warned that the majority of those affected want to continue living in the municipality, although they understand that “perhaps temporarily they have to go to another place”, but aspire to “share a community space with their neighbors.”

Apart from the efforts of the Government of the Canary Islands, García pointed out that the Los Llanos City Council is analyzing different bags of land close to Everything, The Stains and in the surroundings of the urban area of ​​Los Llanos, to see if it is possible that those affected have a “long-term solution” and that there is no “uprooting.” In this sense, Sebastián Franquis clarified that «what we are going to do urgently now is to attend to the housing emergency that affects many families on the island, so that each one has a temporary home with an eye to a not too distant future , each one knows and where they will have their permanent home, where they will live from that moment to rebuild their life project, which is what we all hope. In this sense, I guarantee that there will be no difficulty on the part of the administrations, and especially the Canarian Government, to provide all the resources and all the means that are necessary.

Senate support for those affected by the volcano

On the other hand, the Senate yesterday showed its unanimous support for those affected by the La Palma volcano with the approval of a PP motion that urges the Government to adopt measures “to alleviate the catastrophe” and to promote the island’s recovery. In his motion, Senator Palmero Asier Antona calls on the Executive for steps to help those affected by the volcano eruption, municipalities, companies and agricultural holdings, as well as setting up preferential lines of loans and offering accommodation to those who lost their homes, without forgetting the request for solidarity funds to the Union European. The motion was accepted by 244 votes in favor and 0 against.

For his part, the senator of Canary Coalition Fernando Clavijo placeholder image He hoped that the “more than necessary unity between political forces and administrations” does not prevent the implementation of mechanisms that allow expediting “as much as possible” the processing of compensation and that these reach in the shortest possible time to those affected by the volcanic eruption of La Palma. In his speech, the nationalist senator defended setting the process of aid, subsidies and bonuses in a maximum time of one year, an initiative with which Clavijo sought to avoid the repetition of what happened in other catastrophes such as those of the Lorca earthquake or those of the storm Filomena, whose victims still do not receive the promised aid.


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